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26th Jun 2003, 02:04 AM
I was in this game dev class today. We were discussing game developement and what stuff we would going to do. One of the options was to make a mod for Unreal(but I don't think it was for UT). And the other was to do some small stuff to be featured in some game called Rebel Truckers(I think its for the PC, we would even have our name in the credits).

The class couldn't decide on what to do(b/c there were also a few other options) so the teacher decided that he was going to lecture on the rest of the days(sounds fun), but he was talking about bringing some game where we could look through file directories and such. It may not be such a big deal to you modders, but hey I never got a chance to do any real coding except real basic stuff in Visual Basic. But I'm not really sure whats going on to be honest.

Also, I'm spending a few days at my bro's house(which he has a great computer with Cable, dsl or whatever) and I brought my UT cd, he happened to have my second cd with Chaos UT.(Its really a kinda of long story I don't feel like explaining right now.) But I will finnaly be able to play those big mods I didn't feel like downloading on 56k.

26th Jun 2003, 10:32 AM
so in the end the choice still wasnt made? Id suggest trying to avoid Rebel Truckers (mostly because of the credits in the end, to be honest. I wouldnt want my name on a game that has both the words "Rebel" and "Truckers" in the title, but maybe thats just me)
If you all end up working on an unreal game, youve got a wealth of knowledge here at the forums, plus (from what ive experienced) the unreal engine is pretty forgiving when it comes to screwing stuff up, which (no offense) im assuming would happen with a class full of peoples.

27th Jun 2003, 11:51 AM
Well, the teacher said we would probably get the best game development expereience in doing stuff in that trucker game. But the mod is probably more interesting and maybe easier and/or faster to do. Gotta find out what happens next week.