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22nd Jun 2003, 10:33 AM
[ Transcript of review for Jailbreak Hammer (http://modsquad.beyondunreal.com/review.php?id=149) | Posted by Shuri on 2003-06-22 | Score: 9.3 ]
Note: This mutator is to be used with the mod Jailbreak III. It can not be used separately.

When Jailbreak first came out, it was a huge success. However, one of the biggest challenges that the mod had to overcome was the fact that when you were captured and put in jail, you were almost always bored out of your mind. Sure you could talk, and perhaps get a glimpse of the action, but you could never do anything more than just spectate.

Jailbreak III changed all that by adding features such as jail fights, real-time monitor fight displays, and other such entertainment. Will takes one of the aspects of the mod, Hammer Fights in jail, and brings it to the next level.

<b>Hammer Fights?</b>
When you are in jail, if you whip out your hammer you can fight others who have their hammers out. Jailbreak Hammer alters that concept so that hammer fights actually serve a purpose besides kill boredom. You are now awarded prizes or bonuses for reaching a certain number of kills (or hits) when using your hammer. These are better described as hits. These rewards can be altered through the mod menu.

Jailbreak III just gets better and better, and Jailbreak Hammer helps to make it so. The mutator is great in that it allows you to participate in hammer fights, by bringing out your hammer, or just spectate by leaving your hammer in place. Now if Jailbreak III had a couple more of these "jail mini-games" I would be in jail all the time!

-Peter Yu

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