View Full Version : Marble Madness 2003 v0.61

21st Jun 2003, 03:17 AM
The latest patch for Marble Madness 2003 is v0.61 and it's available now. You can pick up the 5MB file in Umod and non-Umod flavors. Also new is the Quality Mappage page, where fan-made maps that rise above the rest in one form or another, such as Ren2Sea's MMT-TheRoof, are featured.

Added two new bindable keys: ViewSnapLeft and ViewSnapRight. These will snap the camera to the nearest isometric rotation.

Pool map now uses the new MMPlayerStart
Being disconnected from a server now sends you to Server Browser with the MM2K3 tabs rather than the default UT2K3 Server Browser (mm2k3.ini change)
Multiplayer really works now (no, really!). Players should no longer be stuck in spectator mode or cause the server to puase by hitting ESC.
Marbles with the same skin no longer share the same reflection as well.
Camera focus on winner at the end of a tag match.
You can now set Win Time to 0 in Tag. The player with the most seconds and the end of Time Limit is the winner.