View Full Version : Red Orchestra Looking for Talented Mappers and Skinners

19th Jun 2003, 11:47 AM
Red Orchestra (http://www.unrealwarfarex.com/redorchestra/) An Eastern Front WW2 Total Conversion for UT2003.

We would just like to make note that our team is currently looking to hire Static Mesh Skinners and Level Designers to join the ranks of our already talented and dedicated staff. I say Artist in a general term because the person we are looking for must possess skills in all facets of mod art design including but not limited to skinning, concept work, and textures.

We are also looking for more Level Designers to create high quality locations quickly. We EXPECT potential level designers to have rudimentary knowledge of Maya or 3D Studio max. All applicants are expected to put in at least a few hours of work per week as we are a serious mod quite far into development and moving at an extremely fast pace.

Level Designers Apply: here. (seanmitchell@bamitchell.com)

Skinners Apply: here (masako@shaw.ca)

19th Jun 2003, 06:11 PM
Moved from Mapping to Recruitment.