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19th Jun 2003, 11:02 AM
I think it was TWD that made a thread pre-BuF crash about map secrets, and I miss it because I think it helps newbies to learn the maps better & spark more interest in playing. In addition to secrets, maybe we could get some sharing of map strategies or tricks going.

So in the spirit of freedom of information...

Secret: Damage Amp
How-to: Shoot the bullseye of the target below the 100 shield tower (the yellow tower) with a hitscan weapon (Shock Rifle or LG). It's preferable that you're on the tower with the redeemer (green tower) when you do this. Shooting the bullseye opens the panel behind the tower where the redeemer is. Amp is nestled inside.

Secret: Damage Amp
How-to: Lift jump on the lifts near the Flak or Link guns to find hidden room at the top of the level w/adrenaline & the Amp.

Secret: Ion Painter
How-to: Go to the ball spawn location. On the left & right of you are two pillars - maneuver around them so that you're between the wall & the pillar. On one of them (can't remember exactly which) there's a darkish square you can throw your xloc into & find the Ion Painter. A teleport takes you to the top of the middle tower.

Secret: Tower positions
How-to: OK, it's not much of a secret, but some newbies have awed at the fact that I can get on top of the towers. So here's how: take the elevator next to the LG to the top of the tower. Now go to the edge and jump out, but once you jump, move yourself to get back to the tower, and do the double jump. Now you're on the tippy top! If you wanna get really fancy, see that tower sticking up by the 100 armor spawn point? You can double jump over to the top of that too! You're a sitting duck for LG masters, but it's a decent snipe spot, nonetheless.

Secret1: 100 Armor
How-to: (most know this) Take the lift up from the Link gun. Jump across the gap in the walkways and continue forward on the catwalk. There's a false wall at the end of the catwalk with an alcove that contains the 100 armor
Secret2: Hidden camper spot w/LG ammo
How-to: at the LG, go through the hole in the wall to where you can see the catwalk. If you cross the hallway on the catwalk and keep walking forward, there's a false wall w/a little alcove where you can hide & ambush people as they run by! ( I use this a lot :) )

Secret: reach the ridge top by the LG w/out the Xloc
How-to: At the LG, looking at the minigun, turn right and double jump to the horn sticking out of the spire. Turn left & face the ridge - there's a little ledge you can jump to. Here's the hard part, jump, then wall dodge/boostdoge (I wall dodge left) and do a 2nd jump. If you did it right, you'll be able to propel yourself on top of the ridge. You can see & hit the Flak, LG, Mini, RL, and RL/Link areas from here, and unless someone is a good shot or gets to you w/a shock combo before you kill them, it's a tough spot to lose control of.

Secret: Camper's ridge
How-to: I think this is really hard, but it's fun if you like to snipe from hard-to-see areas. You can land yourself over the edge of the map, onto the ridge where you can run around & snipe people. I use the bounce pad that's near the Flak cannon in the back corner of the map (go to the LG behind the tree, past the adrenaline, to the flak... it's that jump pad). I think you can also use the jump pad at the shock/flak area. JUMP! off the pad, and move yourself toward the edge of the map. You have to do a well-timed double jump to get over the zoning of the map. It's hard to find the exact spot... 8-9 times out of 10 you'll bounce off & slide down. However, there is a spot where you can make it over and run around on the ridge. I'll try to make a demo of this and post it (if someone else can, please do so... like I said it's hard). It takes you far away from the action, but you can see a lot of the map from the ridge, and w/LG you have fun plinking away at people ;)

Secret: Big Keg 'O Health
How-to: pretty simple, it's just hard to find/see. Go to one of the Shock Rifles & go through the teleporter. When you're at the top area next to the LG's, xloc or jump further up on top of the tower to find the Keg. I never knew it was there until recently when I saw someone go after it.
OutRigger Trick: Get the 100 Shield/Keg without teleporting to the top
How-to: Go to the flack cannon & approach the catwalk. There's a diagonal beam going up from the catwalk - dodge against it to shoot up the beam, then jump at the top to get onto the horizontal beam. From there you can jump up to the keg/shield/amp.

Does anyone have the CTF-BollwerkRuins2 secret room instructions?

Translocator tip
Whenever Translocator (or Xloc) is enabled in a map, you can use it as a great misdirection tool. Throw it, but don't translocate - see how many people turn their backs on you. Sometimes an entire defense will shift in the direction of your Xloc! Use these opportunities to shoot 'em in the back, flank the defense, or sneak past them to infiltrate their base.

The Xloc camera (fire the Xloc, hit the Xloc selector key) can be a useful scouting tool as well as timing the perfect teleport. Some swear by it, others detest it... use it as you see fit.

Hammer-boostdodge tricks
Essentially the move is a boostdodge, but in the middle of the boostdodge, look straight down with your SG, and tap the impact hammer when you jump. You get some mega-height, and can reach places rather quickly w/out the Xloc where you couldn't go before.


Trick: Reach the lightning gun from the floor near the 25 health pickup.
How to: Hammer-boostdodge off the wall just before the door to the wall opposite the Lightning Gun. You're up in less than 2 seconds.

If you face the other way, you can hammer-boostdodge from the opposite wall up onto the catwalk where the health vials are. You can also stand on the little lights if you can't make it up all the way.

Trick: Make it from the 100 shield ledge to the ledge leading to the lightning gun.
How to: This is a helluva jump. Go to the 100 shield ledge. Face the area where the jump pad is leading to the lightning gun ledge. Hammer-boostdodge off the wall next to the 100 shield, and angle yourself to go flying to that ridge. You gotta land it just right, else you won't make it.

You can also hammer-boostdodge off one of the walls in the Amp pit out onto the main level. Nice way to escape the flack spam from the other room.

Trick: Reach the amp from the main spire room.
How-to: There are a couple ways...
1) Lift jump from the RL area to the roof. Traverse the roof to the amp, drop down & collect it.
2) From the mini or goo guns, shield gun boost dodge from the wall to the amp. This is a very quick way to nab the amp.

Trick: Nab the damage amp
How-to: this might seem obvious for pros, but newbs seem to ask a lot how to reach the amp in Flux2. To reach it, you'll need to know how to dodge jump. (Tap a direction key twice in a row, then while dodging, hit jump). Go to the outside, and reach the top of the ramp near the row of adrenaline. You'll be standing next to a link gun, and on the same level as the amp platform. All you do is dodge jump over to that platform from the corner of the ramp landing.

Berserk adrenaline combo tricks

To get Berserk, get 100 adrenaline, then tap Forward, Forward, Back, Back. You'll get little atom-like thingies flying around you. (woo!)

What's it do? It increases the rate of fire. I'm not sure if it increases damage at all (someone please confirm this). Most people think this is where Berserk's benefits stop. It isn't.

Berserk also increases the knockback effect of your weapons. Take the primary shock for example... it knocks you back when you're hit by it. If you have Berserk on and you hit someone with the shock primary, it'll knock them back even further.

Hint to you pros... it also increases the knockback of the shield gun primary... happy trick jumping ;)


Trick: Camper's pipe in the 50 shield room
How-to: Go to the 50 shield & look at the mini. See the pipe in the upper left corner? You can get on top of that, without the xloc! Here's how - drop down to the lift by the mini. You'll need to time a lift jump so you can get on the pipes above the lift on either side of the light. Look at the wall by the lift... see the line on the wall where the texture colors change a bit? That's where you jump. Get on the lift, and jump so you land on the pipes that line the wall. Next turn towards the mini, and start jumping through the top of the girders & lights. When you get to the last light, carefully maneuver onto the pipe under the arch, then double jump up onto the pipe that extends into the 50 shield room. Pitch tent. It's a great place for ambushes.

Trick: Camper in the LG room ceiling
How to: Position yourself next to the grey wall by the 25 health pak or the adrenaline. Shield gun boost dodge up to the girders above the LG. You may need to charge the primary a bit to reach it successfully. You can dodge-jump across the girders, as well as double jump into the ledges of the green window-like things on the walls.

Trick: Minigun camper in asbestos
How to: Not too hard, but it takes a little maneuvering. If you go to the minigun and look in the direction of the lift, you'll notice two lights on either side of the corridor. If you position yourself close to them from the sides (the ledge by the walls) you can shield jump onto these fixtures & pop people as they go by.

Trick: Hiding spot above the 50 shield
How-to: I'm not talking about the amp room (you can shoot through the floor under the amp). I'm talking about the shaft above the 50. Go to the 50 next to the sewer grates. Jump onto the small ledge & face the opposite wall. Jump, then walldodge across the hallway and up onto the top of the grate. You have to kinda land on one side or the other of that wall protrusion that's down the middle of the grate. Keep facing the wall, and move to the highest point. Pull out the Shield Gun, charge the primary a bit, and shield boost dodge upward. Hold the backwards key when you do this... you'll land on a ledge that's barely noticeable b/c it's dark up there. The ledge goes around the entire shaft, so you can circle the 50 as much as you want. If you really want to get tricky, do another shield boost dodge like the first (face the wall, and boost away while holding back), and you'll reach the 2nd, higher ledge. You'll be just below the floor under the amp room.

Trick: Ledge above the shock rifle
How-to: More shield boost dodging... do the trick jump off one of the curved spikey things that come up from the center of the room... there's a ledge all around the open top of this room that you can sit on & blast people with the shock rifle, though you'll be an easy to see target... best to kill 'em quick from the back so they don't notice ;)

Map: DM-IronDiety
Tip: Redeemer location
How-to: Approach the LG on the upper level. At the end of the catwalk, dodge-jump (boostdodge?) over to the pipe/ledge that's sticking out of the wall. Turn around so you're overlooking the pit w/the Bio at the bottom. The Redeemer is in a little alcove across from you. Dodge-jump (boostdodge) over for the pickup. You can camp there, but that area doesn't tend to have much traffic.


Map: CTF-LostFaith
Tip: Ultimate hiding spots
How-to: there are 2

1) Go to your base, and near the Link Guns (or the Flack... can't remember) look up. There's a hole in the ceiling where you can see sky, and there are branches above you. You can hammer jump up onto the branches, then maneuver around until you're pretty far up. Observant foes might spot you & they can Xloc up to you, but it's a halfway decent FC hiding spot.

2) My fav. Go to the waterfall. See the plant thingy on the right next to the edge of the waterfall? Maneuver into position right in front of it so you can touch the ground. Hammer jump! You can jump up and over the plant & behind it into a non-Xloc zone, which means enemies cannot xloc over to get you, or shoot you from the waterfall (if they see you). This also means you can't xloc.

You can run to the back of the ledge & hide behind the last tree where no one can see you. If you manage to get there w/out enemies sighting you on your way, you can pretty much sit there for the whole match. hal, this is where I was the other day on LF... you left after a while of me sitting there :D

Trick note here: if you know how to hammer boost dodge w/the berserk combo, you can blast yourself from the end of the lege across the river onto the opposite bank. There are 2 little spots you can stand on. You can be spotted by someone with a sharp eye though, so fair warning there :)


Map: DM-Flux2
Tip: Camper spot (what else?)
How-to: Get 100 adrenaline & go to the LG/Rocket area to the rubble next to the health vials. See the curvy thing sticking up, right next to the larger pole apparatus? Dodge up the curvy-thing Antalus-texture-style, and jump when you reach the peak of the dodge. Maneuver to the top of the pole. Look up - see the large bendy thing sticking out of the wall way up there? That's where you're going. Pull out your sheild gun, hit your Berserk combo, charge your sheild primary all the way, and do a sheild jump. You'll fly up high enough to land on that pole up there. If you can do all that quickly, it's a nice 1v1 hiding spot in this rather cramped little map.

Flux2 tip 2 :)
Some people like to camp the shock rifle area & combo you as you come up the lift... it's a great ffa tactic. If you want to suprise them, dodge jump to that little yellow round thing in the corner from the bio rifle floor. It'll silently bounce you up to the shock level next to the door, where you can give 'em some flack.

Flux2 tip 3
You can sheild gun boost dodge from the ground up to the Amp if you're hard pressed for time.

Flux2 tip 4
Near the ramp that leads up to the Amp stand, there is a blue pipe conglomeration that you can jump to & stand on. If you climb up enough, you get some height advantage & you're reasonably concealed, making it a pretty decent ambush spot.


Tip: Cross the pillar room in 1 jump.
How-to: When coming from the RL & adrenaline area into the 100 sheild pillar room, you can jump from the adrenaline ledge all the way over to the 100 sheild ledge by boostdodging from the edge of the left wall. You have to time your boostdodge perfectly & nail it just as you begin to fall off the edge. You can land on the tippy edge of the 100 sheild ledge.

Tip: Camp above the 50 sheild
How-to: approach the 50 sheild from the link gun. See the torches on the wall? They're on either side of the 50. Boost dodge off the wall to the right of the 50 sheild from the top of the stairs (the ones closest to the link) and land on top of the torch. Turn around so you face the catwalk. Jump and boost dodge over to the little light aperature that's on the side of the catwalk & duck. Watch for people peering over the edge at you! You can double jump up to the catwalk from there as well.

Tip: High-flying FC action
How-to: I've figured out how to really go nuts on Megawoot! Make your way to the enemy flag and take it... have your sheild gun out. Immediately hammer-boostdoge toward one of the zip-jumpers, as I call them. As soon as you hit it, hold the direction keys in the direction of your flag - you can cap this way w/out touching the ground. Prolly takes 2-3 seconds once you take the enemy flag to cap this way.

I don't know where I read it, but I used this trick a lot to get my cap on. Take the flag, and dodge jump toward one of the transporters on either side of you. On your way, toss your xloc into one of the little corners next to the flag stand... you can bounce it off the walls so it lands behind the wall "lip", essentially hiding your xloc for later usage ;) Go to the teleporters to the LG level w/the adrenaline. If you're feeling comfy, grab the ammo & adrenaline. Then, double jump off one of the sides, pull up your sheild gun alt fire, and look straight down. Maneuver so you land perfectly onto the boost pads. Time it right, you won't take any damage, and you'll be at mid-ground in no time flat. Beat feet back to your base, and when you cap, check your xloc to make sure the coast is clear & it's undamaged, and go get yourself another flag run.

It seems that the area near the edge of the map that looks like a ledge where you can jump off is a good flag run area. You can grab one of the 50's on your way, and people aren't usually traversing this area. It's also a good route b/c at either end of the map behind the bases (kind of near the corners), there are little alcoves for hiding.

19th Jun 2003, 11:06 AM
Good stuff there :tup: I didn't know about a couple of those.

Renegade Retard
19th Jun 2003, 11:44 AM
Wow, Scum, lots of good info.

Curious - did you find many of them on your own?

19th Jun 2003, 01:35 PM
I know many more movement tricks, but it would be easiest to just make demos... unfortunately I'm not at my computer and won't be til late August. :p I'll try with words:

On Asbestos, in the room with the keg: If you come in through the lower passage, from the flak area, and walk straight up the first flight of stairs, there are two small pillars on either side of you at the top of the stairs. You can boost-dodge off the inside of these to the 50. It's hard though, I can only do it once in awhile.

On Antalus, if you are on the spike with the redeemer: Run to the very edge of it, and dodge-jump out and right. You can land in the lower gap between those big tall rocks, it's a quick way to get over to that side of the map and cut somebody off. Also, you can lift jump from the lift over there, near the health and vials, to the same spot.

On Grendelkeep (this is one of my favorites), get on the lift near the shock rifle and super shield, but make sure you get on the very left side of it. While it's on the way up, boost dodge right off the narrow wall to your left. If you get it just right, you sail very high and fast towards the LG area and can land on one of the lights above it. Then you can camp up there among the lights and support beams and combo people who go for the LG. :) It is also possible to do the same thing on the same lift, but in the opposite direction and get on top of the light near the link gun. This one is really hard though.

Also on grendelkeep: When you're at the minigun or upper link gun and heading towards the amp, get across the gap where the lift comes up and then dodge-jump out one of the windows that face kind of towards the amp (before the RL). There is a thin ledge you can land on and walk to the amp. You will have to double jump around a vertical ledge that blocks your way to get into the amp hole. It's slightly faster than the other way, and sometimes safer because people watch that opening near the RL in preparation to combo you when you go through it.

Yet another on grendelkeep: At any of the big stairwells, get up them much faster by boost-dodging off the inside wall.

On Osiris2, with careful dodge-jumping, you can get from the mini to the roof of the passage that goes down to the RL, then to the goo very quickly (or vice versa).

Also on Osiris, lift jump off the small lift between the RL and 50 armor areas, and you will end up on the top of the map. It's kinda useful; not so great for camping because you're pretty visible, but I like it as a fast way to get to the amp from that side of the map.

On Compressed, get up to the 100 armor location. Look towards the right top corridor. The inside of the narrow metal support (that the 100 ledge hangs from) which is most directly between the 100 and the upper right corridor can be boost dodged off of. facing the wall between the two upper corridors, boost dodge from it and aim for a block on that wall which a light fixture protrudes from. It's an easy dodge jump even though it's really hard to describe, but once you get up in there it is a GREAT camping spot to wait for the 100 to spawn. I like to load up some goo and sit there, and then use the 100 as bait.

Also on Compressed, stand next to the bottom lift in one of the two big rooms, and look up towards the see-through metal grate area where the left upper corridor emerges. If you aim for the center of the grate, shock balls will go straight through it. You can shoot a shock secondary while jumping on the lift, then lift jump above the upper ledge and combo it. :) This is really, really hard and not that useful, but damn it looks cool.

Yet another on compressed, when you're in one of the upper corridors and want to sneak up on somebody who's in one of the main rooms, go to the central lift that connects with the room they're in. Just walk forward into the hole, and keep pressing forward as you fall, then do a backwards walldodge off the wall. If you time it right you won't trigger the lift, and most people will have no idea you're coming, because when they are doing things like happily picking up vials in the big rooms, they will watch the two upper corridors and the 50 corridor, but not that entrance.

On Campgrounds2003, walk forward onto the boostpad near the 100, and keep pressing forward to get up against the wall. When you get near the top, walldodge backwards. You will go sailing all the way to the bridge coming in from the RL area.

A similar, but incredibly hard jump can be made from the short boostpad going up to the LG ledge. You have to steer to the right after walldodging backwards to get around the wall behind you, and you have to do it JUST PERFECT but it's possible to get all the way to the 100 ledge. I have never done it but I haven't worked on it enough.

There are many other movement tricks, especially on Antalus, that require less special trickery and I figured most people know these already from seeing other people do them.

19th Jun 2003, 01:43 PM

19th Jun 2003, 01:44 PM
In one the bases, (don't remember which one), you go to the right side lower lava pit when you're entering the flag room and shoot the T/L through one of the the sewers. You'll be able to tell because the camera will show a room where you T/L and fall down into water. You can then explore the lower cavern.

19th Jun 2003, 01:49 PM
Capture remixed comming soon to a community near you!

I found a new secret in geothermal. In the room with the shock rifle where you go through the two pipes into the main area you can hide on the ledge right above the two exits there by simply douple jumpingonto the big pipe comming from the cealing.

Renegade Retard
19th Jun 2003, 02:25 PM
Secret room in BollwerkRuins2......

In one the bases, (don't remember which one), you go to the right side lower lava pit when you're entering the flag room and shoot the T/L through one of the the sewers. You'll be able to tell because the camera will show a room where you T/L and fall down into water. You can then explore the lower cavern.

Added the preface. Confused me there for a minute. ;) (I got your back, pal!)

Say "hi" to Tom while you're down there.

19th Jun 2003, 04:55 PM
a nice trick, i think saw this from a demo

taking the elevetor from the bio-rifle to the shock rifle, you can make a well-timed liftjump in the direction of the redeemer. You then try to double-jump on to a ledge on your right hand (right hand when looking towards the deemer that is.) If you do this right, you will land on a ledge from wich you dont fall off, and you can walk on to the deemer and other stuff around there.

Another thing i find funny to do in antalus, boost dodging/wall dodging from the trees.
for example, you can liftjump at the rocket-launcher, dodge from the nearest tree, and get very close to the 50 shield.

Another, lift jump at the health packs (dunno how to name this area). Try and reach those rocky peaks that are slightly to your right. If you reach the highest one, you can jump on a spike, and jump again to reach a ledge. If you cant reach the highest rock, you can always use the impact hammer to reach it from one of the lower rocks.

Thats some antalus fun from the fish. Hope its clear

19th Jun 2003, 07:42 PM
PCB...the mention you made of my favorite trick in compressed is aggravating..now I can' use it against anyone anymore!! Althgou I will say this... dropping down on the left and wall dodging over it is very useful...and it is even EXTREMELY easy to get it down to where you can turn while you are falling and dodge sideways or forwards off the wall.

22nd Jun 2003, 03:57 AM
Not sure if you guys know about this, but I found this rather interesting way to cap the flag on Magma whilst I was stuffing around with a friend. Demo attached...

22nd Jun 2003, 10:38 AM
"posted by PCB
On Campgrounds2003, walk forward onto the boostpad near the 100, and keep pressing forward to get up against the wall. When you get near the top, walldodge backwards. You will go sailing all the way to the bridge coming in from the RL area."

I caught this jump a few months ago when watching a mtw guys demo, didn't know it's possible then. The horizontal boost is quite ridiculous. I often use this on Ilarnek and just to annoy a few guys. :p Too bad it's just as predictable.

22nd Jun 2003, 05:01 PM
That's because now that everyone knows about it, it has become like lift jumping. Everyone tries to do it every single time. That is what makes Antalus such an easy DM map on the pubs....people lift jump like crazy!

22nd Jun 2003, 10:11 PM
I don't see much players use liftjumps often on ant nowadays, most regulars now dodge up the slopes instead of using the actual lift, since the lift collision is still kinda wacky online.
Well, liftjump or not, ant is a boring map to play online now since open maps is a dime of a dozen. :(

22nd Jun 2003, 10:27 PM
agreed :p

25th Jun 2003, 12:33 AM
I saw [Ci]Gunker do the coolest thing on Maul tonight.

He was in the flag tower and dropped/tossed a x-locator at the front end of the flag room and then he nabbed the flag and jumped over the hole in the flag room. He then x-locked and the flag dropped down the hole, now he's standing behind the defender (where the x-loc was), and the defender is looking down the hole at the flag and Gunker combo's him.

I saw that from the light pole in the middle, slightly zoomed in with the LG.

That was slick. :tup:

Btw, why'd you leave in Chrome Scum? we were catchin up.

25th Jun 2003, 08:34 AM
The Xloc camera (fire the Xloc, hit 2ndary fire) can be a useful scouting tool as well as timing the perfect teleport. Some swear by it, others detest it... use it as you see fit.

to correct you :) ... it's fire the xloc then hit the bind for it again (x is bound to xloc, you hit, x -> fire it -> x) :D

Renegade Retard
25th Jun 2003, 08:55 AM
Yeah, Hanover, Sum, and later Beatard, fun playing with you guys last night.

I got hit with a pretty nice move last night, on the never ending Citadel (which got old after a while). I was on the upper bridge, and some dude (can't remember who) was at the other end. The first thing he does is shoot the x-loc waaaay up over my head, then shoots a shock ball at me. Since it's came from a ways away, I easily sidestepped the ball, but just as I do, he x-locates up over my head and nails the combo from above me.

Not the sickest move ever, but still pretty impressive.

Renegade Retard
26th Jun 2003, 11:01 AM
As DeRailer noted, the horizontal boost is rediculous - you go sailing like a flung booger.


27th Jun 2003, 02:57 AM
Here is somethig that would be nice for the xloc cam:

Have the alt fire on it do something to the effect of if current weapon is translocator, show the camera and then on release alt fire. that would rock! Maybe Aenubis can figure that out??

10th Aug 2003, 09:20 PM
Here's what you do:

Press tab or ~ to go to the console, then type:
Set Input Z SwitchWeapon 10 | OnRelease AltFire
... if you want to bind Z to that.

10th Aug 2003, 10:49 PM
Most of the tricks I know have already been covered execpt one I learnt yesterday...

If you're caught on the lower siderooms (where theres the Shock or the Flak) with a need to urgently get to some health, you can be pretty screwed since you have to go up the long ramp and then turn around on the ledge to get to 25 health. Instead you can take the Long Lift at the side of the room and facing away from the wall (and towards the ledge with adrenaline that leads to 25H) you do a lift jump. This should send you right in between the rafters or whatever where sun is lighting the falling dust. As you reach the apex of your jump you do a dodge off of either side of the rafters and fall down exactly on the adrenaline ledge with the 25H a few steps away. You can then dodge jump/boost dodge back to the lift where you ride it to the top this time, cross over into the other room and jump onto the lift in that room where, following the same steps you can get to the other 25H. This way you can get both 50Health (both flak and shock if you need it) as well as cross the width of the map in a couple seconds.

10th Aug 2003, 10:58 PM
Here's what you do:

Press tab or ~ to go to the console, then type:
Set Input Z SwitchWeapon 10 | OnRelease AltFire
... if you want to bind Z to that.

That won't show the camera though unless you have already got the TL out, I was meaning if you werre carrying the Flak for example and had already left your disc somewhere, you hold this key, it shows the camera and then when you release it translocates you.

11th Aug 2003, 10:00 AM
All morning 8/11/2003 from like 12:00am - 6:00am i was playing ut2k3 and walldodging. I discovered some secrets/shortcuts and decided to master them. I can navigate asbestos pretty good now :P

I have 5 screens and 1 more coming.






The 6th screen shot.


11th Aug 2003, 10:53 AM
Perhaps you can clarify what map you are talking about... I have no clue :confused:

Took me awhile too, but I am pretty sure he is talking about DM-DE-Osiris.

11th Aug 2003, 02:16 PM
That won't show the camera though unless you have already got the TL out, I was meaning if you werre carrying the Flak for example and had already left your disc somewhere, you hold this key, it shows the camera and then when you release it translocates you.Then do this:
Set Input Z SwitchWeapon10 | SwitchWeapon 10 | OnRelease AltFire :D

11th Aug 2003, 02:52 PM
is there a place i can get a tutorial on this? i dont want to mess up any of my settings.

The only thing i want to do is have it switch my gun to the shock after i get done shooting the lightning gun.

Lightning gun shoot (auto switch) --> shock rifle

i dont know teh key bindings for that

11th Aug 2003, 05:51 PM
Here's my dom-core strategies, I shouldn't share them with anyone but here you go.

Dom-core -

Keep to the high grounds, keep your armour supplies stocked (you can dominate the two armour stocks at each point by keeping to the top level), keep a sniper rifle and a flak cannon handy, the sniper rifle is for enemies approaching the dom point, and if they touch it you can drop down and ambush them with a swift flak cannon attack. Never linger too long on the lower levels, always try and be above ground. You can travel from one point to the other in the shortest amount of time by being at the top level aswell, rather than traverse the long winding corridors of the lower levels.

Domination isnt just about the domination of the points, its about dominating everything, dominate the attack positions by being above ground, by controlling power ups such as armour and weapon points.

11th Aug 2003, 08:19 PM
I'll see if that works.

11th Aug 2003, 10:46 PM
Took me awhile too, but I am pretty sure he is talking about DM-DE-Osiris.
whoops! yes, I was talking about Osiris2

Some more on Osiris:

To get from the goo to the minigun (or vice versa) you just dodge jump onto the middle spire(?) (theres a bit of decoration that juts out the bottom) and dodge jump from there onto the other platform.

If going down into the cave from the RL room its best to boost dodge off the closest pillar you come across (before the LG). This sends you exactly over the waterfall onto the shield.

Not that useful but:
If you time the lift jump off the lift in the RL room right, you'll end up on the head or back of the goat on the roof. If however you dont, instead of double-jumping ledge to ledge, its best to dodge into the animal (once over the rump and second onto the head) Once at the head a dodge jump on either side sends you to the top platform.

13th Aug 2003, 12:37 PM
I'll see if that works.You don't need to - it doesn't :D I'll try to figure something out.

13th Aug 2003, 08:26 PM
that's kind of what I figured lol

23rd Sep 2003, 12:19 PM
Ok I got a few

Chrome (surprized nobody has posted these yet)

There are several places to hide with the flag in chrome. First off goto the rocket or flack rooms. You can hide above the doors. Just walk up the zigzaging static mesh along the side. Once you get to the top do a dodge jump and you'll get on top.

In the side halls where the minigun is you can hide above the door.

Using shield jumps you can get to a large pipe right above the flag. Get to the flag and look to the front (where the lg and goo is). There are two cylindars with lightning going through them comming off the catwalk. Double jump onto them. If you do it right you will catch up against the mesh. As soon as this happens dodge jump backwards. You will land on the lights. Next you do a shield jump to get on top of the curved pillars above the lights. Finally a shield jump - jump will get you all the way to the top of a pip in the cealing. This jump is show in the dim video.

Citadel: In citadel there is a little BSP hole on the side of the base (can't remember which side). Go out to the shock area of the bridges. There will be a big spikey ball floating in the air that is off to the side. If you TL to the ball and then look at the side of the cliff you might notice the hole. You can jump to it and hide inside. This is a cheat and should never be used, but if you can't find the fc he's probably there.

26th Sep 2003, 03:23 PM
You could do the same thing on Curse2 with a hammer jump; there was lots of room up there and even some rocket and sniper ammo. :)

On Antalus, you can boostdodge off a little niche near the shock rifle to the big rock above the lift, that you normally lift-jump to get onto. From that rock it's possible to get over to protruding rocks on the side of the cliff leading towards the nearest big white 'spike' and jump across to the redeemer spot. Alternatively you could just lift jump right onto said protruding rocks. Also, you can go the other way from Redeemer to shock rifle area and it's a great way to ambush people.

From the 50 armor, you can shield-boostdodge over to the rock ledge nearby where people spawn (the ledge is approximately in a direct line between the big tree near the link gun and the rocket launcher, and faces the tree). From there it is apparently possible to get over to the health pack next to the lift that comes up from the 'adrenaline corridor' between the goo and link areas, but I have never done it. Also a boostdodge off that ledge will take you through the tree's foliate and provides a nice aerial ambush to somebody who's down in the clearing around the tree and link. It is also possible to get on top of that tree, but requires a very different route to get there and is fairly useless because it takes so long.

28th Sep 2003, 07:13 AM
On DM-Asbestos, there's a nice way to quickly get into position to attack someone hanging around the rocket launcher when approaching from the top from the shock rifle.

A sideways dodge jump from the minigun will get you halfway down the low ramps while being protected by the upper ramps. It's a very simple thing to do, but it's usful because it keeps you well hidden until you're into firing position. It also means you go a long way very quickly, so it can catch people out.

12th Nov 2003, 10:19 AM
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3rd Dec 2003, 02:49 AM
Attached is a .dem file of the lift jump using a boost off the left wall of the lift on the Grendlekeep map. It would be great for others to post similar .dem files.

3rd Dec 2003, 03:40 AM
Stop posting....it's the only way, it's like being an alcoholic and going to a bar and trying not to drink.

Heed the wisdom. Although I'd say it's more like trying to quit smoking when you hang around friends who smoke and are constantly blowing smoke if your face and offering you cigarettes. It's the community that fuels the desire to immerse yourself in the game, not the game itself. That's how MMORPG's work (a la Evercrack) but on a more demanding scale.

3rd Dec 2003, 10:09 AM
Welcome to BuF, retro_!

4th Dec 2003, 02:18 AM
Some antalus tricks in .dem format. For those that are not sure on the .dem files, copy them to your UT2003\System folder, then when in UT2003 press the ~ key. Then type demoplay demoname.dem. Then you will see the demo. Working on some more tricks as well as the ones mentioned. To record a demo BTW you use demorec demoname.dem and stopdemo to stop recording. Be aware you need patch 2225 to record and play demos.


24th Jan 2004, 08:22 PM
Speaking of DDOM:

There's 100 Armor in the lowest room under each DOM points. Just don't use the jump pads, but walk past them. This is very easy secret, yet I've never seen anyone using it. Also, this makes total of 5 special ups (100 Armor, Keg, Amp) in the map, never I've seen more.

On top of the ridge in the center of the map, there is a "special up pad" (Keg, 100 Armor or Amp) plus some adrenaline. You can access the place from one of the narrow sides of the ridge, plus from some other place I can't remembre right now.

Another: near each DOM point, in the ruin with the LG on top, there is a small bush in front of the wall. This hides a narrow passage inside the ruin, containing 5 (or more?)pills of adrenaline. It can also be accessed from behind the ruin by double jumping, or with shield gun. This can be useful as an attacking route, as it surprises people.

Seppuku Gorge:
Not really a secret, but you get the Ion painter from the tall ridge near the point B by using the "big jump bad" in front of it (same as in Tokara). Also, there are health vials and 50 armor in the surroundings of the point B. You can get the vials while you're attacking, because it does not slow down your assault that much.

Sun temple:
Maybe not worth to mention, but there is LG ammo next the point entrances. I usually don't live long enouch to really need them, but ah well :)