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18th Jun 2003, 01:30 AM
We need more wild west characters for the new wild west mod for UT2003/UT2004 "LawDogs"........even better, we need a dedicated character designer. If that's not feasible, we'd be happy to accept one character contributed. The character we need can be either an outlaw or marshal of the wild west...and you can make the hat separate cuz we have karma enabled which causes the hat fall off when shot at or when player is killed......

Look at links:

Lawdogs with this fashion:http://a1259.g.akamai.net/f/1259/5586/1d/images.art.com/images/PRODUCTS/large/10001000/10001869.jpg
Outlaws with this fashion:http://www.daddymonkey.com/images/outlaws.jpg http://images.rottentomatoes.com/images/movie/trailer/10000227/AmericanOutlaws-trailer_01.jpg

We also need a musician who can write some killer tracks for the maps being made.

Another needy area is a voice actor. We need killer voices for the new characters and announcer sounds. SO if you have that sexy voice of the gambler girl or that rough deep voice of an outlaw then head our way for sometime in jail!

We're also looking for a weapons animator who can animate hands very well cuz we have a huge selection of classic weapons that need special hand care. You have that talent for animating weapons and use 3dsMax or Maya? Then head over to the Okay Corral for some shooting some serious damage!

AGain, any of you don't have to comit yourselves completely to this mod...all we ask is for support...a character, a song, and so on. Maybe later in the next few weeks we might release an SDK to have one character get a few fresh skins......so wadda ya say?

Project Organizer