View Full Version : Chaos UT2: Chaotic Dreams Interview @ DJ GenerationX

17th Jun 2003, 08:34 PM
DJGenerationX interviews the mod team that is busily readying the popular Chaos mod for UT2003. It's a great read and a mod you should definitely be keeping your eyes on.
What's the coolest thing you've seen in-game since work began?

Wormbo: One of the coolest things are those little buggers we call Proxy Mines. :) They hop around, talk, sing and eventually get angry at somebody.
Jb: My favorite moment was when I wandered in on a group of Proxies that were board (a bit stiff, were they? - DJGenerationX) and "talking" to each other. They all shouted at me and then the group started to chase me.
SPA: The cool things you now can do with the AI... and the better eyecandy you can have now - this will be the first Chaos that features real clouds and fire effects.
deus.ex.machina: Everything that is included has some coolness. The grappling hook is for example a cool thing, but I can't really split up the whole mod into single cool things, the whole mod is one very very cool unit.
FurrySound: ERDW-through-a-wall kills, proxies hunting you down even when you are hanging from the ceiling with a grapple, grenades, crossbow, and on it goes.
R. Flagg: For me, the coolest thing I've seen yet has got to be our grenade effects. The flash, napalm and poison grenade effects are top-notch stuff.
LoQtUS: Well, I'm a sucker for the Proxies... the coolest thing i've seen so far are [the proxies] chasing me around the level.
Neolith: Laying out a field of Proxies and stepping onto one of them by accident; the little monkeys angrily turned against me and when I tried to grapple into safety, they jumped on top of each other to get closer to me! My futile attempt to save myself with the vortex resulted in a small smashed package containing myself, eight proxies and a bot.
Wicad: Bots soaked in napalm, bots grappling, Proxies, just about everything in Chaos. Mostly, I think the best part is other players playing Chaos (I think someone's got a bot fetish - DJGenerationX).