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17th Jun 2003, 05:39 PM
[ Transcript of review for Burning Player (http://modsquad.beyondunreal.com/review.php?id=140) | Posted by Shuri on 2003-06-12 | Score: 9.1 ]
<b>Me like fire!</b>
ElBundee saw that there werenīt that many fire mutators, or to be more correct, there werenīt any mods or mutators that featured fire. Sure there was GibFight that had a couple options dealing with fire, and Next Gen Weapons, which allowed you to put people on fire, but there has never been a mod/mutator that had fire as the main focus. Burning Player puts an end to that era, and it does it with a blast.

<b>The sweet menu</b>
The menu in this mutator is top-notch. It allows for a ton of configurability without having to read any lengthy read-me files. In the main screen, you can set the fire damage given off by certain weapons, or you can use the gameīs two settings: Default or Barbecue. Setting these values close to "1" causes people to burn up very quickly, while setting this to a higher number allows for the fire to burn for a longer time. Although you can alter each of the four fire damage settings for the Flak Cannon, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Cannon, and Shock Rifle, I found that the game is best played with the default settings.

<b>More menu</b>
The other tabs in the menu allow you to configure Burning Player even more. You can set the Big Keg īo Health, Med Kit, and/or Health Vial to extinguish a player on fire. You can also set the number of fire suits, which protects a player from fire, to be spawned on a given map. The last option gives you the ability to set the smoke amount. Basically, ElBundee gives you total control over how you want to play his mutator.

<b>Is that UTīs fire?</b>
With many mods/mutators released, I have yet to see some spectacular fire effects, that is, until Burning Player came along. The fire effects are just stupendous, and the smoke that accompanies the fire is marvelous as well. It looks amazing; just take a glance at the pics!

Burning Player adds new strategies to UT. If you shoot someone with one of the four fire-enabled weapons, you might be able to get a frag even after you get fragged yourself. If that person is not wearing a fire suit, or does not find a water source (water or slime) or one of the checked options (Health pack), then s/he will probably die. Thus, even if you lose a battle, if you hit with a fire weapon, you might just get the sweet revenge that you desired. This makes fire suits a valuable object during battles, and much sought after.

<b>Last comments</b>
Burning Player is a mutator that you have to try. It works well with many other gameplays and mods/mutators, but I donīt suggest combining this mutator with other weapon mutators. The bot support is okay in this mutator, but many times, bots will not "realize" that they are on fire, so they wonīt jump into a water source as quickly as a human would. Still, the bots prove to be viable opponents/teammates, so offline play shouldnīt be much of a burden. A great mutator overall that covers one of UTīs "undiscovered" areas, and one that shouldnīt be missed.

-Peter Yu

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