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17th Jun 2003, 05:38 PM
[ Transcript of review for Find The Ball (http://modsquad.beyondunreal.com/review.php?id=120) | Posted by Shuri on 2003-05-04 | Score: 6.7 ]
The concept behind this mod is pretty simple. In it's most basic form it can be thought of as one goal bombing run. The ball spawns at one of a number of points in the level, then both teams battle it out to score a goal in the single goal at the centre of the level. Scoring is the same as bombing run - 3 points for a throw, 7 points for a jumping in the goal.

This is a team game just like bombing run, but there are no bases. Instead of having a safe haven to stock up on health and weapons before diving into battle, you spawn randomly anywhere around the map. This makes it behave more like team deathmatch than a more tactics-orientated gametype such as regular bombing run. After a goal is scored, the round ends and everyone respawns. The ball has random points that it can respawn at. The radar helps you to find where the ball spawns, and also where to find the ball carrier once it has been picked up.

The bots attempt to play this as they would play bombing run, with moderate success. They can score, but often have a tough time getting to the goal as don't seem to know where it is in all cases. They don't really pass the ball at all, which lessens the emphasis on teamwork. Sometimes it becomes a case of hoping you get the ball instead of the bots on your team, and I actually found myself killing my bot teammates to get the ball myself and ensure a goal on some maps.

Maps are where this really fails. Included are four maps, two of which are conversions of deathmatch levels, and two are newly created maps. The conversions are Compressed and Serpentine, both having serious flaws preventing them from being worth playing.

Compressed has the goal at the bottom corridor, which makes it far too easy to get a 7-pointer - it is just a short trip from the goal spawn, and there is no challenge to jumping through. One major problem though is that after jumping through and getting the points, you don't die falling down the hole. Instead you lose a bit of health, but have to do a manual suicide. It would be very easy to make the player die when he scores, just like in bombing run.

In Serpentine the bomb spawns in the bottom level, and the goal is at the hole in the bottom of the upper walkway. This map is terrible to play, because the maze at the bottom makes for horrible gameplay. It is also easier to take the elevators up and drop down through the goal for 7 points than to throw the ball in, which ruins the balance.

The 2 new maps are constructed differently to maps for any other gametypes. They are symmetrical in 4 ways, and have clearly labelled North, East, South and West sections, which the ball can spawn at. The goal is at the centre of the map, high up in one map and down a pit in the other. In one of the maps, Bombo, it is impossible to score a 7-pointer, which I'm not sure it should be. Bots are horrible in this level as well - when they get the ball, they insist on running around the whole level before even attempting to score. The other level, Mayhem, has some scale issues, but no glaring flaws.

This mod is enjoyable, but the maps really drag it down in their present state. The concept is great, and this could be very nice new gametype if bots and maps are improved. Converted maps need more thought put into them, and new maps need more polish and bot support for this to be worth playing for more than a few games.