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17th Jun 2003, 05:34 PM
[ Transcript of review for Sniper Arena 1.07b (http://modsquad.beyondunreal.com/review.php?id=112) | Posted by AnarKi on 2003-04-06 | Score: 7 ]

Do you miss the sniper rifle in UT??? Welcome back Sniper Arena to UT2003! This is a port of the Unreal Tournament Sniper Arena mutator. It tries to emulate the orighnal as best as possible. Like the original, this mutator removes all the weapons from the map and spawns the player with only the sniper rifle. It also replaces all the ammo with sniper rifle ammo. It also takes the damage amounts from UT, but uses UT2003 damage locations.


Its nice to see the Sniper Rifle once again, but with enhanced graphics and sound. The gun model is very nicely done, with plenty of detail which makes the gun look very realistic. The sound effects on the gun are also very good, and sound almost exactly like the original UT ones. I would not be surprised if someone told me they were the UT ones converted across.

The hit damage is quite low, so you need to get more than the usual 2 shots with the lightning gun. However you can still get the wonderous headshots. But because Sniper Arena replaces all the guns, you dont have a lot of choice but to use it. The scope is the same as the lightning gun, which is a little unrealistic because if you look at the sniper rifle, you wouldnt have such an advanced looking scope on such an unadvanced looking gun. The bots seem to take to this new weapon very well and even on the "Experienced" setting, they are deadly and you even see bots hiding on top of a tower and using the scope to pick people off down below.

<b>Final Thought:</b>

Its nice to see the sniper rifle once again, but its still no substitute for a nice lightning gun. They replaced it for a reason.

<b>Reviewed By AnarKi.</b>