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17th Jun 2003, 05:31 PM
[ Transcript of review for Bot Chat Command 2.00 (http://modsquad.beyondunreal.com/review.php?id=74) | Posted by Bean on 2002-11-12 | Score: 9 ]
<b>What You Say?</b>
This is quite an interesting utility. The idea of it is to allow you to command your bots through chatting. Now you say, "Who cares? I got the Voice Menu...bitch!" But wait! Not only can you command them, but you can command them to the the most intense detail.

<b>Party Up!</b>
You can have them attack in so many ways. You can have them support you or a teammate. Not much yet, but wait. Say you want them to support you're teammate with a rocket launcher, while the flag capper has a Flak. You can do that! You can tell maybe 3 or 4 bots to rush the base with Rockey Launchers for a minute, then run back and D up!

I greatly enjoy defense though. Camp a guy with a rocket launcher on some hidden corner near the flag, and they will sit there and kick everyone stupid monkey bot that comes around the corner thinkin' no one is guarding the flag. Set a guy up to snipe anywhere...with any weapon. Have him snipe with a Shock Rifle! Whatever!

<b>Location, Location</b>
Another fantastic aspect of this gem is the ability to designate specific areas for your bot to go. Get to the area, name it, and its saved! Now, you can tell your bot to snipe at the sniping post with the sniper rifle for 2 minutes, and run down next to the flag with the Flak! CRAZY! The possibilities for strategy are endless.

<b>But So Much Typing!</b>
That's what you think. If you just type, then it can get quite tedious. Luckily, LedZep included an excellent in-game menu to use. It uses the Voice Command system, so it's easy to use. AND, it pauses the game, so you can take your time thinking up devious defense schemes!

This is just a great tool to have for UT. The only flaws are that it does have a bit of a learning curve, but that's ok. Also, it would be nice to save area names for each map, but I guess that is asking a little much, right? How about specific bot action profiles or schemes. Maybe you could set an emergency flag defend sceme up, and when the time calls, press a button and it happens. That would frickin' rock. Nevertheless, this is just an outstanding piece of work, and comes highly recommended. Let's hope it makes it to UT2K3.