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17th Jun 2003, 05:21 PM
[ Transcript of review for TeleFrag Gun (http://modsquad.beyondunreal.com/review.php?id=63) | Posted by Jesco on 2002-10-23 | Score: 7 ]
Here we have another mod author's first attempt. Don't be put off by those words, though, as this one is actually quite good for a first attempt.

The new TeleFrag Gun looks like a Shock Rifle, except in a nice green colour. It works like an Instagib rifle, in that you have unlimited ammo, and one hit equals one kill. But instead of zapping your foes with a laser, the TeleFrag Gun kills them by instantly teleporting you to their location if you hit them. Secondary fire just teleports you to wherever you point the gun, whatever the distance.

Combining InstaGib and the translocator in one game, however, has already been done before, in the shape of EsR-n-Trans. The difference between the two is that primary fire with TeleFrag Gun transports you to your enemy's location, and the translocating secondary fire is more powerful.

It's a nice idea, and it works. You get two mutators- one replaces all weapons with TeleFrag Guns and the ammo with TeleFrag Gun Cores, and the other replaces the shock rifle and ammo with the TeleFrag Gun and cores. There's one noticeable bug when you use the mutator to replace all the weapons- you start with the TeleFrag Gun and 80 ammo, but however much you use it, your ammo sticks at 80.

Dear old Archon volunteered to test out my new toy, with mixed results. It worked OK- Archon was reduced to a pile of gibs with me in the middle of them. However, it was not a pretty sight, and I don't just mean Archon's guts. When I fired, a a green bolt with a horrible black blocky trail appeared. I'm not sure if this is just my system, but I can't believe that this is what it's meant to look like. Check out the screenshot to see what I'm talking about. Apart from the graphics, primary fire works well, though it's a bit confusing to shoot someone and end up where they used to be. The same goes for secondary fire- its difficult to control, as once you fire, you are transported instantly. You get used to it after a while, though

Bots fare quite well. They use primary fire and secondary fire equally well, and since the translocation is instant, you are always left thinking 'Where are they now?!' [Bean: Just like on VH1...sorry]

All in all, it's pretty good for a first attempt. When you play with just the TeleFrag Gun, you get insta-gib style gameplay, made even more frantic by the fact that your opponents can vanish to the other side of the room in an instant. The graphics definitely need tweaking, though. If you just want to play InstaGib with a normal translocator, go for EsR-n-Trans. Fix the graphics and the ammo count bug, and it could score a 9 or even 10.