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17th Jun 2003, 05:20 PM
[ Transcript of review for UT Start 2.0 (http://modsquad.beyondunreal.com/review.php?id=51) | Posted by Peter on 2002-10-07 | Score: 9.7 ]
<b>Multi User</b>
The premise behind this utility is to allow multiple players to play on the same version of UT. Upon opening the utility, you have to setup your UT directory, and then afterwards, you have to add your name and you're done. Now, go play UT, and any settings you make will be saved to your name accordingly. For instance, if you change your key layout, skin, name, etc. it will be saved into your user.ini.

Then, when somebody else wants to play UT on the same computer, s/he just has too open up UT Start, select his/her name, and click the button to start a new game. Any changes that s/he makes will also be recorded to that person's own user.ini as well, making it possible to play UT with numerous keyboard layouts, settings, etc.

Using the menu, you can also open up each individual user text file (user.iniI) and edit the settings manually. Note that this is only for advanced users. For the more advanced users, you can even setup different server profiles, (unrealtournament.ini) but again this is only for people who know what they're doing.

<b>Other uses</b>
While UT Start is supposed to make it easier for multiple people to play UT, I found many other uses for UT Start 2.0. First, you can use it to backup your settings. Suppose you have set up UT perfectly to your standards. Then, just clone the player profile and the server profile. Give it a name such as Backup and don't use this unless you find that a mod/mutator has changed your settings dramatically. Now you don't have to redo all your settings when they are changed; all you have to do is play UT using the Backup profile.

Another great use for this utility, especially for all you visitors, is the ability to setup numerous profiles for different mods/mutators. For example, let's say you Tactical Ops and Unreal Forever. With Tactical Ops, you can set up a separate profile since you'll probably be using different keys than your default layout. Then, when you play U4E, you can set up another profile since you'll probably play U4E with different player models/skins. Once you decide you want to return to play some regular UT, just go back to your old profile, and now you can play UT without having to rebind your keys or change your skin.

Aside from the multiple user functionality, this utility is great even if you are the only one playing UT at your house. If you have multiple mods/mutators, you know all too often how you have to change your keys/settings over and over again for each mod/mutator. Instead of doing that, just get UT Start. There aren't any complicated procedures that you have to do because any settings you change will be automatically stored for a certain profile. This utility is a must download for mod/mutator fanatics, especially if you find yourself frustrated when you have to keep on changing your settings.

-Peter Yu