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17th Jun 2003, 05:17 PM
[ Transcript of review for Real Time Movie Studio (http://modsquad.beyondunreal.com/review.php?id=35) | Posted by Peter on 2002-10-05 | Score: 9.4 ]
Unreal Movies
There are a number of games that utilize Unreal's engine in making games that contain cut scenes, such as Undying and Deus Ex, which means that you can make cut scenes as well for Unreal Tournament. In the beginning, most cut scenes were made by UnrealED, and those movies were mainly just flyby sequences, with the most famous one being the UT City Intro. Well, with this utility called Real Time Movie Studio, you can utilize the power of the Unreal Tournament engine in order to make your own movies.

Lots of options
The utility comes with a handy tutorial and manual, which can help any newbie become acquainted with the nuances of using RTMS. The utility is quite powerful because you can do a number of things from it. You start up the utility by loading it with a map, and then you can add cameras here, add bots there, add some text, music, etc. There's basically the entire stash of movie editing controls available, all of which can be easily accessed and used. While I would delve into more detail, the readme files that come with the mod do much more justice with their pages and pages of help than anything I can do in a few measly lines. All I will say is that if you ever had an idea for a movie, like perhaps a different ending to a movie you saw, then you can make your movie with RTMS. It gives you the ability to basically do anything you want.

User made movies
I tried my hand at making a movie, and while it may not be the best movie ever, I was proud that I was actually able to use RTMS to create something. It's a great utility to use, and allows you to easily do something that would have once proved difficult for a number of people. The only real major problems with the utility is that it is a bit laggy since it runs in UT and that it crashes from time to time, but other than those two flaws, there's not much to complain about here. On a side note, even if you do not want to make your own movies, download this utility anyway to view the works of other people. The movies created are quite awesome and definitely worth downloading.

-Peter Yu