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17th Jun 2003, 05:15 PM
[ Transcript of review for ChaosUT v1 (http://modsquad.beyondunreal.com/review.php?id=5) | Posted by Peter on 2002-09-29 | Score: 9.7 ]
Yep, I remember it like it was yesterday. I had just bought the UT GOTY Edition. ChaosUT was actually the first mod I ever played. While the GOTYE version was alright, the latest version is a tremendous improvement. New weapons and new gametypes make for an enjoyable experience. There are a few minor things that are a little "ehhhh...", but they don't really take away from the whole CUT experience.

There have been a few weapon additions to CUT since the GOTY version. The CAS12 is an auto shotgun with different ammo (buckshot, armor piercing, and explosive). All around a good weapon. The armor piercing shells are a little out of place, but they work. The newest addition to the ChaosUT arsenal is the Utility Gun. Frankly, I was disappointed. The Fireball Fuel mode launches a fireball in a long arc that can set people on fire when it impacts. The Freeze Fuel mode launches what looks like snowflakes and freezes the enemy (for a short time) on impact. If you run out of ammo, you switch to Air Only mode. The alternate fire emits a blast of air, useful for repelling enemies or jumping to high places. While the Utility Gun is neat, it wasn't what I was expecting. When I heard about it, I was thinking of a flamethrower and a freeze thrower. Oh well, it's still fun (and the model kicks much ass).

Sure, you got your little weapons, but what about the BIG ones? Fear not! ChaosUT does not disappoint. One of the "big guns" in CUT is the Gravity Vortex. If any of you are familiar with the Black Shark missile in Descent 3, the function of the Gravity Vortex is almost the same (except it only sucks in players, not powerups). Primary fire throws the thing and it activates 2 seconds later (alternate is 4 seconds later), creating a gravity well that sucks in and kills all players within a medium-small radius. The effect is great to watch, just not too close. Team kills are a problem with this weapon, especially in small rooms. The other big gun in CUT is the Turret Source Module. Don't let looks decieve you. Primary fire launces a beacon which, about 7-10 seconds later, turns into a turret. Using a bound key, you can switch between energy and rocket attacks. Be carefull, if you accidentally shoot your own turret, it will start shooting you. The turrets will also shoot each other, so placing two turrets on either side of an opening is stupid (play it, you'll find out what I mean).

One of my biggest gripes about CUT is the multiple ammo weapons. Instead of one weapon and multiple ammo types, each ammo type has its own weapon. I'll tell you what, if you play CUT with Piņata, the players release enough weapons to supply a small army. This makes for difficult switching between weapons during a firefight. Personally, I would like to see one weapon and a way to switch out the ammo types (maybe like another button, "Change Ammo Type").

The multiple gametypes featured in CUT will keep you entertained for a while. They include KOTH, Team KOTH, LMS, Sword Arena (the only weapon is the Bastard Sword), and Team Sword Arena, along with the standard CTF, DM, AS, etc. Nothing new or unique with these gametypes, except for the "New Slowmo cam feature. In CUT DM, SA and LMS gametypes, the last kill is shown in slow motion after the game ends" (ChaosUT_Version1.txt). Also, the Weapon Arena system has been modified. Now, you choose the weapon in the CUT menu and select the Chaos Arena mutator. This is good because your mutator list isn't inundated with the individual Arena mutators.

All in all, ChaosUT is a great mod. The weapon models and textures are superb, and the many gametypes extend its playability. There are a few things that I feel need to be addressed, but, overall, CUT is one of the classics and deserves a download.