View Full Version : More Rubble v1.1

16th Jun 2003, 03:43 AM
Here's a fun mutator for UT, created by our very own Fraghouse. You can grab the 98.93kb file here.
More Rubble replaces your standard set of weapons with variants that may fire and look the same, but that produce much more graphical effects as regards to debris. Shell cases stay for longer and bounce off the floor, flak chunks now make pieces of the scenery fly into the air. In version 1.1, numerous small bugs have been fixed and more features have been added!
Here are a few new features of v 1.1:

Pulsegun primary sphere-balls now emit pulse matter when they hit walls and opponents.
Returned shock rifle secondary projectile to its standard speed.
Bullet weapons (enforcer, minigun and sniper rifle) now come with a higher gore level tag on them. You should notice the increased amount of blood when shooting enemies with them.
When shooting someone in the head with the sniper rifle, just as an added gimmick, a thick trail of blood will remain floating in the air for a few seconds where the head was.
Rocket launcher is actually replaced this time round...