View Full Version : Big S.A.S. Update

16th Jun 2003, 03:33 AM
There's lots going on at S.A.S. today: two new images of the AK-47 (including iron-sight shot) and six new screenshots of three new maps. Here's the breakdown:

Jungle - an Sabotage map complete with rain and thunderstorms, it will
be very difficult to spot the SASR camouflage player model in this map.
Bosnia -an Team Deathmatch map. Its a city square filled with wrecked
buildings, hedgerows and plenty of hiding spots. You'll need to use
nightvision here to spot enemies lurking in the ruins and woods.
a yet unnamed map. - with plenty of sniping and ambush positions all
over the place with the
OpFor team defending the interior while the SAS team must infiltrate
through an underground
passage or climb over the perimeter walls.

SAS is putting out the call for an experienced weapon modeler to help out. The ability to skin or animate is an added bonus. If you're interested just fire off an e-mail to Assault9.