View Full Version : Action Vault Raven Shield Review

14th Jun 2003, 12:56 PM
Action Vault has posted a review of Raven Shield. Here's their conclusion on this marvellous game:

Despite the irritating bugs pertaining to the multiplayer component at launch, the release of subsequent patches has transformed Raven Shield into a title worthy of the Rainbow Six moniker. In terms of perceived realism, it has only a select few peers, delivering the tense, stomach-knotting ambience and clinical gunplay that characterized its forebears. The switch to the Unreal Warfare engine is certainly an aesthetically pleasing one, while with regards to other alterations, the greater control afforded over the player character's interaction has had a welcome albeit relatively small effect on the gameplay. Overall then, Raven Shield strengthens Ubi Soft's reputation for producing highly involving shooters, and with the recent announcement of the Athena Sword expansion, the future of the series, and its enduring popularity, would seem assured.
Good game.