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14th Jun 2003, 09:42 AM
Hi all :)

Well, as a couple of you are probably vaguely aware, I'm working on a weapon mutator package at the moment. Basically most of the major grunt work is done now and I'm just polishing things up and adding a few other little extras to it, so I thought it was about time I pimped the package a bit :D

Info on what's included:

Every weapon has been changed/ replaced. The weapons are all very powerful, but I've also spent a considerable amount of time testing them and balancing everything nicely too (Super Weapons are currently being left at default but I may change them yet).

Some new skins for a few of the weapons (to distinguish them a bit):
Assault Rifle, Minigun, Rocket Launcher and Lightning Gun.

Lots of new weapon firing effects and eye candy.

4 Adrenaline Combo moves.

2 slight variants on the Adrenaline pickup (for those of you who actually use the stuff ;) ) including a different skin.

4 additional mutators (all of which are incredibly useful with the more powerful weaponry):
Health replacer that replaces all standard health pickups with the big keg.
Shield replacer - does the same but Super shield obviously.
Mini-Udamage pickups relpacing the mini health pickups (the minihealth is more or less useless with my weapons; miniudamage is lots of fun). Effects only last for 15 seconds instead of 30 though.
Super Ammo Regen - regenerates 5 ammo per second; very useful (due to high rate of fire on the weapons). The weapons are usable without this mut though, but it's more fun not having to worry about ammo :D

And a possible 5th addition to the mutators that I'm working on at the moment.

The game is very playable with my weapons on all game types except Bombing Run (high-powered weapons + not being able to shoot while carrying the ball = death :lol: ). Invasion is incredibly fun.

And lastly for the moment, a nice link to a taster movie I made:

LINKAGE (9mb zip) (http://www.ultimatewarzone.com/downloads/weapons_mov.zip)
Movie is in divx .avi format so you'll need the codec to play it.

And yes I was playing like crap - it's difficult playing properly when you need to fit all the weapons into a 45second movie :lol:

The package will be released soon (2 weeks!!! lol), once I've finished ironing out a few bugs and tweaking it. Until then, enjoy the movie :D

EDIT: Forgot to mention the movie format.

14th Jun 2003, 10:35 AM
Looks very nice. One thing I'd say tho is that the railgun secondary (probably, dunno), the flare gun + sniper laser all seem to have too similar projectiles/trails.

14th Jun 2003, 11:23 AM
I'll beta test it if u want :)... u know where to find me

14th Jun 2003, 11:25 AM
They don't :) It just looks like that because of crappy 640x480 res movie quality. Rail secondary is a particle effect using corona flares, the flare launcher uses proper smoke trail but it's got a slight bluish tint to it to reflect the colour of the missiles, and the laser is also blue but I'm changing that to maybe red so it stands out more (it was originally red but I changed it to blue, think I prefer the red though).

Trust me, when you're actually playing they look very different to each other :)

EDIT: Raffi got his post in just before me ;) Yeah I'd be happy for some of you to test it, I've just gotta be careful of my bandwidth (I've got 1Gb per month to play with, but the movie is 9mb and the muts themselves amount to another 10mb+ at the moment so that would quickly add up).

Anyone that wants to test them let me know and I'll pm you a link. Once I've zipped everything up and uploaded it of course ;)

14th Jun 2003, 01:19 PM
What no chainsaw? for a chainsaw monkey?

14th Jun 2003, 01:45 PM
The stuff in the movie looked great! I'm looking forward to your release of this.

14th Jun 2003, 04:40 PM
What no chainsaw? for a chainsaw monkey?
Well....I've got the chainsaw model from UT but it would look a bit 'iffy' compared to the other weapons ;) I may see if I can code it up to replace the shield gun though :)

@Beat - thanks, and hopefully the '2 weeks!!!' thing is a long estimate, I'm hoping to have it ready sooner but it depends how much time I get to work on it.