View Full Version : Custom skins in UT2?!

Fisherman's Friend
10th Mar 2002, 05:33 AM
Does UT2 require all skins/models to be installed on the server as a server package, as in UT(1)? As we all know the consequence of this in UT was that you virtually never saw any custom skins online.

Support for custom skins/models is the one thing where Qwak downright and totally ownz Unreal. :( I wish there was more freedom with custom skins/models in Unreal. Basically client side installation, and if somebody plays with a skin that is not installed on your client, it's replaced with a default. Download from the server or peer-to-peer could be optional.

I know there are issues to be adressed to prevent cheating with this system, but I'm sure this can be handled quite easily. The benefit for the community would be well worth it. :tup: