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9th Mar 2002, 11:21 AM
Check it out we're getting several reports from at least 3 sites now that there will be a change in he release schedule of unreal2 and unrealtournament 2. Apparently it didn't take them very long for unrealtournament 2 and will be comming out THIS JUNE! Meanwhile Unreal2 has been pushed back till christmas this year.

This changes a lot in how unreal2 and UnrealTournament2 will sell and stuff and it's very surprizing. However, the guys over there don't seem to be worried about ANYTHING. In fact they have specificly said there will be lots of FPS this year that will fun and cool to play but UnrealTournament2 and Unreal2 will be undisputed as the best FPS for a long time to come.


an interview with Mark ReinWe spent Wednesday and Thursday of this week reviewing both games and came to the conclusion, along with Infogrames and the developers, that the games will be ready in this order and for these timeframes. Unreal2 is going to take a little longer than previously expected but it is even better than we originally thought it would be and the extra time is 100% justified. UT2, on the other hand, is ahead of where we thought it would be and, as with Unreal2, better than our expectations.

So now both games are marching toward completion and looking absolutely spectacular! We're extremely proud of the work Legend and Digital Extremes are doing on them. Both of the companies are producing games that are way beyond being just worthy successors to the original. They have both been able to do astounding things with our Unreal Engine technology that are going to push the envelope of action gaming in serious ways. Can you tell that I'm extremely excited right now? This is going to be a banner year for PC gaming!

As for the change in release dates: that's what happens when you value quality over all else and luckily we work with great partners like Infogrames, DE and Legend who see 100% eye-to-eye with us on that.

The scope of Unreal2 is just astounding so it should come as no surprise that the amount of time it requires to polish and finesse is longer than something like UT2. The original Unreal took 3.5 years to develop whereas UT took about 14 months. Neither product is being held back or accelerated toward these dates - they're just happening to come to their natural completions in these time frames.

Since our meeting on Wednesday I've been joking that "if you can only buy one first person shooter this year you should buy these two"

#24: I recall the same kind of comment about UT vs. Quake3 before they came out and it was just as untrue then as it will be for Unreal2. Unreal2 will stand up to any FPS game no matter who makes it or what tech it uses. I'm not saying that to disparage anyone else's game or tech - there will be lots of great FPS games this year that we'll all play and enjoy - but Unreal2 will answer to no one. After seeing the brilliant work the folks at Legend have put into this game recently I am 100% confident of this statement.

Likewise the same is true of UT2 and the herculean efforts going on at Digital Extremes who are making not one but TWO amazing Unreal games. Both of these games will raise the standards in their genre. You will see.

9th Mar 2002, 11:40 AM
Bah! That's the death of UT :(

I would have loved to play UT another 6 months, and then gradually switch to UT2.
Alongside I would have played U2 for singleplayer

Now they switch the dates around :mad:
Let alone that UT2 is only a better UC

9th Mar 2002, 12:10 PM
Originally posted by 8-4-7-2
Bah! That's the death of UT :(

I would have loved to play UT another 6 months, and then gradually switch to UT2.
Alongside I would have played U2 for singleplayer

Now they switch the dates around :mad:
Let alone that UT2 is only a better UC

Well how do we know the UC isnt a better UT? I think the community is ready as hell for UT2 and this is great news. UT has been on the downturn for a while. Player numbers have been diminishing steadily and its getting harder and harder to find pub games of CTF that arent LowG Instgib Fatboy Relics or whatever crazy assed mods that are being played out there.

Looks like UT2 will be just in the nick of time.

Tetris L
9th Mar 2002, 01:49 PM
Although I was very much anticipating U2 XMP, I think I can live with waiting for it 6 more months and play UT2 meanwhile.

Everything I've heard and seen about UT2 by now sounds/looks kick-ass and I really like how DE adress various issues in FPS gaming and how they include features I've always wanted to see. I'm sure it'll easily manage to keep me entertained until U2 comes out, and beyond. :):tup: