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4th Mar 2002, 02:12 PM
??OMG What do I dooo?? OMG aaauuu, Sh*t ?? Sh*t?? O mG !!

Ok, I have been working on a little mod. And question lies with seeking projectiles. I hoping that one can create a projectile that seeks only certain actors that have a certain item they have pickup and are using in the game. Now the actor when he has this item has many different characteristics, which I have tried to use to get the projectile to go after or "Seek and Destroy!" This is a little hard to explain so bare with me. My overall outcome of this is to create a projectile / weapon that will not seek players unless they have a specific item.

I am not sure what would be better; to create a weapon that spawns two different projectiles. (One that seeks and one that does not for example the UT_ Eight ball) or a projectile that only seeks if a certain rule is meet with in the projectile script. Lately I have been working on the projectile side of things but so fare no go! But then again do bots count as pawn(other) ? Hmm, anyway.. carry on!

Thank you


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