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28th Feb 2002, 06:49 PM
Ok, for once I found a problem that IS unusual, it's not the big problem keeping me stressed, but it's not such a small thing either...
If you've been on the chat channle lately, you've probebly had first hand experience of my long, boring, annoying, daily rants about my life sucking. This isn't one of those rants, but it's not really any better...
Anyways, on to the problem:
If you haven't already noticed, my screen name on the chat channle is "Cryognosis", and I more recently made a back-up screen name "Pyrognosis", which I commonly used anyways scince I usually have 2 bots in the channle at a time (at first it was because I constantly get dissed from the channle for no apparent reason, now it's more of a way to ease my boredom)...
Well anyways, I've been having a personal problem with the screen name Pyrognosis, not exactly about the screen name itself, or anything it could be suggesting (other then me being weird).
Well, Cryognosis, normal everyday screen name, the name itself, ya, it's unique, but the screen name is a normal screen name like any other.
Pyrognosis, it SHOULD be a normal everyday screen name, but there just seems to be something unusual about it: I sort of feel wierd when using it... It's not a good feeling, it's quite disturbing especailly scince I know what the feeling is of, but I'd rather not say what the feeling is.
Yes, it's a weird disturbing feeling that I want to avoid...

...But at the same time, I find it strangly satisfying...

...So your problebly thinking "so? just don't use it, it's not really worth it, is it?", but that's kind of the problem. Now that i felt the feeling, the other screen names don't seem so good, the other screen names I use don't give that feeling scince their just normal everyday screen names, so it doesn't give me that satisifying, yet weird disturbing feeling. So I don't really appreciate the other screen names as much...

So now to end the rant:What should I really do about this...? I can't really decide on this, I know I said that before in some other threads, but this time I don't even know what to do about it AT ALL. All that I can think of doing is this:
1)Just not use it, The feeling is for some weird reason nice, but the feeling is weird and disturbing at the same time. It's not a good feeling.
2)Use the screen name as much as I normally would, scince I can't get the same feeling from any other screen name.
3)use it, and not use any other screen names, there's something specail about that screen name when I use it, so it shouldn't go to waste at all...

(note:I will not accept simple 1 sentence long answers)

28th Feb 2002, 06:52 PM
Dude, you're harshing my mello! Stop thinking so much and just flip a coin or something :p.

28th Feb 2002, 06:54 PM
No Sir, you did not make sense at all there.. :)

But do accept this picture of our Crownprince and his princess as a token to easy your discomfort.

28th Feb 2002, 06:55 PM
If you're not going to tell us what the deal wioth the Pyrognosis name is, what the fark do you want us to help you with?

28th Feb 2002, 07:01 PM
mute:hmmm... I guess that would make it easier...


nemephosis: But... Isn't what I told you enough information...? I really don't want to tell what the feeling's about (I don't even really know why I get it, although I do have a couple of guesses about it...), and besides, I never could really explain things right anyways, I screwed up on attempting to discribe things enough times to almost garrentee it won't come out right...
And it probebly won't make scince even if I did explain it right... :|

28th Feb 2002, 07:27 PM
Well if we don't know what the problem is, how do we know what to fix it with?

"Doctor, I'm sick"

"Okay what do you have"

"I don't know"

"what are your symptoms?"

"I don't know"

How long you think that would go on? This is like the exact same thing. Bottom line is only you know what's going on here, so only you can make this choice man.

28th Feb 2002, 08:30 PM
Ok, I'll say it again, but more simple:
I decided I would use 2 screen names, Cryognosis or Pyrognosis.
However, I'm having problems with the screen name Pyrognosis.

Pyrognosis-There's more to it then just picking a prefix and sufix out of the dictionary and putting it together: For some reason, I get a odd feeling, I kind of understand it, but so far it's not something I want to feel, and something i don't want to talk about at all. It also seems to tempt me to act like someone I'm not, sort of like as if someone else is trying to take over my mind or something, except for the fact that it's not another person and I'm basicly doing it to myself. Sometimes I'm refered to as Pyro or PyroG when using this screen name.

good-Well, there is something quite unique with me and this screen name... The feeling it gives out when I control a account with this screen name seems satisfying, I sort of like the feeling. Using this screen name along with another screen name and trying to make someone think that I'm 2 seperate people controling 2 seperate accounts is easier, scince I'm not really myself in a literal sense, that is if I let it happen...

bad-The feeling it gives out that I for some reason find satisfying is the same feeling that I feel nagitively about in basicly every way possible (minus hating and fearing. Also it's not that bad scince the satisfaction I get is enough to counter-balance it). Also, not being myself... I'm just completely against that: I am who I am, not some freaky person I don't even know.

Cryognosis-The ordinary screen name, and the origanle screen name I created scince I decided on making a screen name better then something like "Ice Lord". I find nothing unusual about this, and the name is nice. It goes well with mage characters scince in RPGs my spell of choice would be a cold/ice elemental spell... and that's what the screen name was made for. It sounds better to me then Pyrognosis. The screen name means knowladge of cold (because "gnosis" means "knowladge of" and "cryo" means "cold"), however I don't have any advanced knowladge of cold, but this doesn't bother me scince not much people even know what Cryo means. The screen name of Pyrognosis was a result of this screen name. I have been refered to as Cryo, Cry, and CryoG with this screen name.

good-Origanle, unique, and not taken from anything. This screen name has no real big disturbing history behind it, just a simple look through a dictionary and the luck of finding "gnosis". The screen name goes well with ice mage RPG characters because of it's definition, and sounds better the way it is. There is no ****ed up feelings when using this screen name except for wanting to beat the living crap out of Pyrognosis occasionaly.

bad-Normal, if it had at least the good part of the feeling that comes when using Pyrognosis as a screen name, it wouldn't be so hard deciding between using this and Pyrognosis. That's all that really comes to mind...

28th Feb 2002, 08:54 PM
I asked what the problem was, not "repeat yourself and dumb it down for me." I'm not an idiot thanks.

You're also contradicting yourself: it's not a feeling you want, but you like it. :confused:

You're on your own with this one, I'm out of this thread.

28th Feb 2002, 10:02 PM
personally if your that disturbed over a screen name then I would suggest deleting it. Try just creating a screen name that is unique, not psychologically unbalancing.

1st Mar 2002, 12:02 AM

What you're saying makes sense, and I appreciate your not wanting to attempt to give extended descriptions of the feeling.

I see what you have done is to give account of the process as it affects you and to condense it into three choices.

Advice on which specific choice to make DOES depend on the content.

I'm going to come from a different angel ... hopefully it will be of some use.

I have nothing to say about WHAT to choose.
I will share thoughts on HOW to choose.


1 Write a description of the feeling .... lots of detail, thoughts impressions, associations. Anything you think might be relevant and some stuff that just pops up.

2 Write down all the stuff that is bad and disturbing about it.
3 Write down all the stuff that is good and satisfying about it.

4 Now go through each and find a contrary instance. What I mean is that for each of the bad descriptions, write a sentence about how, when or where and for whom it could be positive. and for each of the good descriptions, write a sentence about how, when or where and for whom it could be negative.

5 Re-do steps 2 and 3, but instead of bad and good, focus/get a grip on details of how it feels b[]unlike the way you are as a person[/b] and how it feels representative of who and how you are.
Get the idea? We're progressing from good/bad to like/unlike you.

Then redo step 4.

Now here's the twist in the tail .... ready?

List the stuff that you would be willing now to share with others in writing. And list the stuff that you would rather keep to yourself ... whether through wish for privacy or difficulty of expression. With whom, when and where.

And list the circumstances under which you would wish to do the contrary.

Give yourself the time you need to thoroughly explore.

FINAL STEP .... for now ..... : let this process run in the background so that it becomes easy. A bit like early shock-combos were probably a challenge but now you can probably do them easily and spontaneously at each and every moment that you need to .. and sometimes just for fun.

And THEN consider the original question that you posted.


And notice all the differences in terms of how everything feels and means to be less comfortably yourself sometimes and more comfortably yourself at other times and to be you who are learning and exploring all the time ...

Then post your feedback, thoughts, impressions on this thread and we'll do the next step.


Terminal {DTH}
1st Mar 2002, 12:25 AM
say to hell with it all and just make up a new one and use IT. End of problem. ;)