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1st Dec 1999, 08:14 PM
Is there a way to bind specific voice commands to single keys? Pulling down the voice menus in the middle of a firefight is a serious pain in the *** .

Thanks in advance!

1st Dec 1999, 08:24 PM
UT has a built-in interface just for that. Click Option->preferences->Input->Speech binds.

There, you initially have room bind about 10 keys, but don't worry. If you want to bind more, just close all the boxes, and reopen it. Now you can bind another 10 keys. In fact, I think you can bind as many keys as you want.

As a side note, I was recently frustrated to read recent reviews on the web when they put down UT because it was difficult to access the commands through the V-menus. Obviously, they did not even spend the time to explore the game.

Similarily, the put down UT because the auto-taunts were annoying. But UT has a built-in option to turn auto-taunts off, or even all taunts off. It is very use friendly, but the reviewers didn't even know about it.


Firm Pete
10th Jan 2000, 08:09 PM
But how do I use my own sounds?

I downloaded a Full Metal Jacket umod... How do I make those? How do I bind mysound.wav to a key????

I can import sounds (wavs) in UnrealEd, but I can only can hear them when I rename them to an original sound.

thnx ANYONE that know the (obvious already excisting) link to the howto...

please anyone... pretty please... sugar on top and such....