View Full Version : AD&D-type RPG Mod/Gametype Conversion help...

13th Feb 2002, 03:08 PM
A new Mod, is looking for a few good people... This Mod is based on another game that I had written a while back, named Ugas Daos. It is based in it's own World and Universe. You will be able to create "Characters" to adventure and hack/slash your way up the experience ladder. You will be able to purchase items for the gold you find/earn, etc... Magic will also be prevelant for Mages, Druids, Witches, Warlocks, Clerics, etc... sort of like FEBA with a deep Role-Playing environment involved. Skills, Languages, Residences, Jobs, Quests, Clans/Guilds, NPC's, and a ton more...

If you are interested in helping out, and getting in our little project. Contact me at sysgod@a-nation.com .

We have the following right now, but can always use more -

(2) 2D Concept/3D Art
(1) Lead Artist/Graphics
(2) Uscript Programmers
(1) C++ Programmer
(1) Lead Level Designer/Mapper/Texture design

We need at least -

(1) Lead Uscript Programmer to coordinate main programming efforts.
(1) 3D Mesh Artist
(1) Skinner
(1) Level Designer to assist Lead
(1) Music/Sound fX

Thanks for listening in... hope to talk to you soon!