View Full Version : Ninja Mod: Fuk Yu

13th Feb 2002, 04:32 AM
hey all peoples that are more skilled at coding and stuff then me! so most of you, i had a wikky idea and ive got music and ideas for maps and time and image art for modellers to work on but i have a problem, several in fact: i cant code, i cant make models or skins, and i cant make good maps. :rolleyes: so i need anyones help, i have muzak if i can get some maps to stick it in and a UMX converter from Mp3's, if you reckon your good enough tell me please and ill give you the whole story line and stoof. coz its good, and i hate to see a good idea go to waste, even if i play no part in the mod when and if it gets made, SOMEONE has to make a ninja mod for UT, not to would just be evil. hope YOU can help