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9th Feb 2002, 05:47 PM
Some people have been expressing disappointment that StealthDP's Playground (http://www.stealthdp.com) only accepts CTF maps. Well..that's not really the case. Non-CTF maps you guys have made and want hosted can be FTP'ed here (
If you send in a map, be sure to also email MadMikey (madmikey@stealthdp.com) to make sure he updates the links on the main page (at the current time, non-CTF link updates are not automatic like they are for CTF). The admins are working on a much better system that will fully automate this process for all types of maps, but for now this is what they've got. Enjoy, and come frag a bit..:)

9th Feb 2002, 07:21 PM
Thanx for the heads up on that syte Freakish. :)
Since Nali City is on perpetual hold until further notice I
sent them a ZIP of my DM map in hopes they will have
time to try it out.
You can try it out too if you wish Freakish. ;) :D
Here is a lynk to my websyte: