View Full Version : need Music & Sound for DEV team!

8th Feb 2002, 01:33 AM
if you are good on making Music and Sound contact me via ICQ 122495137 or e-mail mmot@takas.lt then ill give you information about the mod... (i don't want to give the mod for public)

8th Feb 2002, 01:19 PM
The mod name might be - Robot Millenium or Alien Millenium (maybe other ).
The name is so cuz all the skin/models will be Robots and/or Alliens.
The main difrence from other mods will be - weapons, classes (like unf just very much other classes), transports & war machines.
These are classes that i allready fot of... they might be stupid, but tell me if their good:
Transport driver, tanker, miner, anti-tank, front-liner, sniper, technologist, war engineer, assault-fly

Transport driver - can use any fly transport or vechicle exept tanks.

Tanker - can control tanks, the tank needs a guy to shoot and load bullets, so you need another guy.

Miner - can deploy Tank mines or Man mines and he can defuse enemy mines. Can place something like a DetPack too.

Anti-Tank - haves some sort of bazooka for destroying tanks and vechicles.

Front-Liner - haves a powerful Heavy gun, after a lot of shoots can destroy a tank.

Sniper - able to kill a transport driver in a transport, kill anyone on the land.

Technologist - something like an Armourer in unf... can make sentrys, cameras, motion sensors, dispensors...

War-Engineer (or Energy-Supporter) - like Field Medic, just that for Robots (or Alliens) its not a Medic :)

Assault-Fly - able to control attacking fly transports.

Teamwork would be needed very much in this mod, if you want to have victory.
There will be atleast 3 gametypes - Destroy Enemy Generator, Destroy the Super-Tank (if allien then Destroy the mother-ship) & Last Team Standing.

The teamwork for all games is super!!! As an example of Destroy Enemy Generator:

If you need to get into a base quickly you will need Transport Drivers.
You need atleast 2 tankers to control 1 tank. (maybe the 2 tankers idea sux) And with tanks on your side you might WIN!
Miners are good for protecting your base and attacking enemy base (looking for mines).
Front-Liners using a Transport can get the Generator quickly.
Anti-Tank for defending base from tanks or other transports.
Sniper very good for eliminating transport drivers.
Technologist can make Sentrys
War-Engineer to repair an allmost killed Robot (you have to wait 10sec till respawn).
Assault-Fly is very good for destroying enemy base from air.
This might be a giant clanwar if the clans are organized very good.
There should be atleast 12 ppl in 1 team if you want a good game. for clan wars 16-16 is O.K.

This mod would be very hard work... but i like the idea and im working on this mod upgrades...

For a giant work like this you need a 20 ppl DEV team atleast!!!
4 Models/Skinz, 4 Mapz, 6 game play, 3 sounds, 3 other stuff... and maybe +4 for more graphic's.
Then it will be maybe half year work... don't really know... ([ know the numbers are too big :) ]

This is the main idea... i am still changing it all the time i think something can be better!
Thats all folks!