View Full Version : LGI - 135/35 in UT2?

1st Feb 2002, 06:25 PM
The February issue of PC Gamer has an article about Unreal Tournament 2. On page 36 (and continuing on page 40) of the article, the following statement is made:

"The worlds won't feature any mutated designs ... probably no alternate gravity settings, though steam rising from gashes in the lava surfaces may allow you to jump higher than normal."

Has anyone heard if UT2 will have the equivalent of Low Gravity Instagib, 135 Speed/35% air control (LGI 135/35)?

For a hard-core Intagiber such as myself, I would be sorely disappionted if something close to LGI is not available un UT2. :(

2nd Feb 2002, 12:07 AM
InstaGib.. is verified.

Low Grav.. I think I read somewhere might not be... I could be wrong.

Air Control / Game Speed probably will be usual settings.. and can be modified to be anything you want within the proper limits. (eg currently UT, 200/100)

2nd Feb 2002, 12:49 PM
InstaGib and LowG. Two mutators I don't need.

Rest assured some mod maker will code LowGravity, and LGI servers will soon be around. Maybe this time, Epic can give them an own server tab, so NW players aren't confused and distracted again.
Too often lowpinging server for me run things like IG

4th Feb 2002, 02:29 AM
I don't think it'll be too hard to convert most UT mutators.

4th Feb 2002, 09:46 AM
Yes, people will convert everything from UT it seems.