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31st Jan 2002, 04:27 PM
First I better confess that I have heard something along these lines once but after ploughing through google i can't find any references.

Trying to get submarines to disappear into lava and take the player under a lava stream and pop up the other side. Problem is the lava zone intersects the submarine.

Tried everything I can think of. I'm thinking about multilple zones within the lava zone (but can't remember whether that's illegal or not) and having two rectangles that cover the submarines path through the lava. But I'm still getting trouble with the lava popping into my submarine and spoiling my sarnies.

Any solutions? :E

31st Jan 2002, 05:15 PM
Yeah, you'd have to zone a 'tunnel' that is not filled with lava that the sub can move through, might be a bit tricky to do without bsp errors mind.
It might also look a bit bit ghey if you fall into the lava and swim into the tunnel. But if the lava is instant kill, then that's not a problem :)