View Full Version : Community Map Pack 1 Update

30th Jan 2002, 06:34 PM
This is an update of the first release of the community map pack.
It fixes a problem with a missing texture and corrupt files in the community map pack 1
Two files are released.
A modified full version of the pack, for people who haven't already downloaded the files, and an update for those who have.

In the update I have included the RorkesDrift files again, which have been tested by some and found to work. The previously distributed crashed some peoples machine.
Also included are a modified version of Panzer, with 4 added mounted machine guns, more vehicles, some crates on the bridge for better gameplay, better bot support and Old Geezers night version of the most excellent Macedonia map.
Full credit to the mappers of course, for hours of fun

You can get the files from




Thanks to Damodred for posting them on fileplanet