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24th Jan 2002, 02:33 PM
not sure whether I should be filing this under Rants or General.... well, since I'm not in the cheeriest of moods right now, I guess I'll post it here.
I've just been thinking lately a lot about how great a site WoD once was. It used to be a thriving, important & well respected site. Then it shut down. Later when Kobain re-opened it a little over a year ago, it started going pretty strong again... then it began to falter & slip a bit... Then Kobain retired & handed the site over to me again... I gave wod a good kick in the pants & got it going again somewhat... then my staff all bailed on me... leaving me & only me to run the site.... this really hurt things... then came the historical BU/PU split.... with that, WoD was going to split into 2 parts.... Antiquities & Redux... Redux being the active tutorial 7 review site, and Antiquities being a fairly static archive of Unreal1 mods.... with only one person with very limited web design skills working on this, it was bound to take a while.... Up went the Under Cconstruction page... Then for a while, Redux & Chimeric were going to merge..... if only that had happened.... I don't know why it didn't.... ca never responded to my ICQ messages regarding the mearger... then I finally took down the damned under construction thing about a month ago, with the determination to get WoD back on its feet... I've gotten a ways on the site design, butthe truth is, I really don't kno what to do with WoD now.... I don't even know what WoD is supposed to be anymore....
so I ask you, what do YOU want out of WoD?
seriously, answer this......

24th Jan 2002, 06:38 PM
I want . . . .

I seriously dont know, I will get back to you on this.

24th Jan 2002, 08:27 PM
What if WoD became a site like some of those mapping team sites, only for mods/mutators? There's already Mods Squad for reviews, and Chimeric for tutorials. It could have exclusive mods that weren't released to Mod Squad and the like. Some of the frequent WoD forumers could join the team, and make a variety of individual and group mods/mutators.
Or something like that...

24th Jan 2002, 09:49 PM
actually Smoke, thats kinda what I'd like to do.... it just doesn't seem right for classic WoD....
Maybe we can do that on BU.... I need to use the WoD space I have on BU for something.... then their could be WoD: Antiquities on PU & us modders on BU.... we need a name though.... I know! how about "WoDSquad" ;) :p

24th Jan 2002, 11:10 PM
Oh, cool. I thought you meant the new one and that you were pretty clear on what you were doing for Antiquities.

25th Jan 2002, 05:02 PM
WoD could be what Smoke said, about beta mod stuff, but I disagree with name WoDSquad, it sounds like you're taking the piss out of ModSquad or trying to impersonate it.:tdown:

25th Jan 2002, 07:07 PM
Originally posted by Psycho_Leech
WoD could be what Smoke said, about beta mod stuff, but I disagree with name WoDSquad, it sounds like you're taking the piss out of ModSquad or trying to impersonate it.:tdown:
Apparently you didn't catch the sarcasm, or the sarcastic faces!

25th Jan 2002, 08:08 PM
I did! Do I get a prize now?

26th Jan 2002, 12:46 PM
The only thing I can catch is an illness, terminal or otherwise. (I haven't died through illness yet, though.)

How about: "A Site for Modders and Developers"?

26th Jan 2002, 02:07 PM
Whatever happened to the WOD mod? It could just be the main webpage for whatever people would make up the team.

26th Jan 2002, 03:28 PM
the WoD mod? its sitting on my hard drive waiting for itself to become a priority again.... I'll upload the current version for you guys to play with sometime soon perhaps.

26th Jan 2002, 03:35 PM
So WoD could be in four parts:
An archive of old U1 stuff - WoD: Antiques
A set of tutorials - WoD: Redux
Mod development and support - WoD: ASMD perhaps?
A webpage about the WoD mod, WoD mod sounds alright for a name.
I am right about the first two though, right? The last two will probably be implemented, right?

26th Jan 2002, 03:43 PM
well, if anything, the WoD mod would be a part of the mod development page.

I like the name WoD: ASMD... doesn't scream out "mod development" but it has a nice ring to it.... hmmm...

maybe it stands for All Sorta Mod Development or something....


26th Jan 2002, 03:56 PM
All Sorta Mod Development sounds better.

26th Jan 2002, 04:00 PM
yes, it does.... I'd put that page up about 10 seconds before I read your post.... I still want to hear more name ideas before I decide on a name....

26th Jan 2002, 05:13 PM
Go to this Thread in General Discussion:

& I've uploaded the WoD mod to the Beta Testing board

27th Jan 2002, 01:42 PM
You know, as soon as Wod releases a WoD special MS is going to ASAP get it up on their site.

27th Jan 2002, 02:01 PM
not a huge problem. trust me. I'm actually counting on that to a degree.

4th Feb 2002, 02:49 PM
Woah, earlier I voted against the WoD: ASMD, but now I think I like it a lot more after reading this thread.
I disagree with making this a static site, mainly because this is one of about five sites that I visit on a regular basis (you do see an awful lot of me, don't you?)
Since I just hopped into the UT/Unreal community, what is this fabled PU/BU split that was mentioned? PU stands for planetunreal, right? What does BU stand for?

4th Feb 2002, 04:33 PM
BU stands for BeyondUnreal, I'm not entirely sure what the difference is between BU and PU, but as far as I know, PU is all the files and stuff, and BU is the forums. Correct me if I'm wrong(Which is often)
Well, part of WoD could be static with some mod reviews and U1 stuff, and then it could have forums and stuff for active mod development.

4th Feb 2002, 06:13 PM
Ah, I see. A static Unreal I page is a good idea.
I figured that out only moments after I posted last time, but thanks for humoring the acronym-impared
I don't remember ever going to BeyondUnreal, but PlanetUnreal has other stuff that is not forums, but it seems to be mostly hosting of outdated mod webpages (last real updates July 2000 and such).

4th Feb 2002, 09:32 PM
Originally posted by WheatPuppet
I don't remember ever going to BeyondUnreal

guess where you are right now :)

4th Feb 2002, 09:57 PM
I know! He's in the land of Pork Boy, the Breakfast Monkey!:y5:

4th Feb 2002, 10:38 PM
No, slick. I have never been to the main site of BeyondUnreal. I find it interesting that WoD stands across the gap between BU and PU, it's HTML and adresses reside in PlanetUnreal, and its forums in BeyondUnreal. I just think that's... just... Unreal :hmm:.

5th Feb 2002, 12:12 AM
The main BU site is just a list of a few sites and a link to the forums. It uses the color black!

24th Jun 2003, 01:46 AM
If I were you kang, I would put this in the General section before smoke spams it. :lol: Besides, you did want the question to be asked seriously so this thread would need to be in a serious place.

Just a friendly suggestion.

24th Jun 2003, 11:10 PM
*points to original post date of Jan 24 2002*
*hands Trent teh Dunce Cap*

24th Jun 2003, 11:36 PM
I guess it was one of those not thinking days kangu.(I love that name. :D )

EDIT: I thought that all the old threads were deleted, thats why I posted here as it was new. Oh well, no harm done.