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22nd Jan 2002, 03:13 PM
Okay, this is a problem with map editing rather than coding, but I still need help. I am having nine kinds of trouble with UnrealEd lights. I have been getting this wierd effect where a lightmap (is it a lightmap?) for a given surface is too small and thusly it repeats and makes an incredibly ugly result.
For example, lets say that I have an irregularly shaped canyon that has been created with the 2d shape editor and extruded. I use the vertex editor and alter the lower end of this canyon to something that looks more natural (geometrically this should be allowed because the floor is made up of triangles). Then I add some water, and a little building. Then I add lights and reprocess the lighting and there it is, my distorted lightmapping. I tried every workaround I can think of, changing the shadow detail (high detail, low detail, hi-low detail), deleting the lights and adding new ones, changing the texture alignment and size, etc. The funky effect seems to happen more often (or maybe even exclusively) when I apply the bright corners tag. Since then I always have three differently lit versions, one unlit, one lit, and one lit with bright corners. Although I know this is common practice to ward off geometry problems, must I do the same for lighting too?

Call me Erdrik
23rd Jan 2002, 09:34 AM
could you post a pic of the problem areas?
What exactly do you mean by distorted?

When You moved the vercities you make sure that they stayed on the grid?

23rd Jan 2002, 11:05 AM
i'm confused about what you mean by keeping different versions, both geometrically and lighting-wise ... do you mean three copies of the map or what?

at any rate i've seen awfully strange stuff with lighting before. Sometimes it helps to try changing the amount of ambient light and adjust the brightness and radius of the lights ... certain combinations tend to produce crappy results, like the lightmap is spread out too much or something.

As far as vertex editing on irregular shapes, are you absolutely sure you didn't inadverdently create any non-planar polygons? Very easy to do at odd angles, even moving two verts at a time (which helps avoid nonplanars) ... Still not sure how non-planars would affect lighting, maybe it'd mess with it like it messes with the BSP ...

23rd Jan 2002, 04:43 PM
I don't have any images of the effect; I will try to reproduce the effect sometime soon and get some screens of it. By distorted I mean that the lightmap (or UT-analagous effect) is ill-fitted to its plane. Specifically, the lightmap is too small. The effect of the lightmap being to small is a repeating of a shadow in a striped pattern. And yes, all verticies are on a grid (I think a 16-unit grid even).

I keep multiple versions of the map, all in different stages of production or with different things applied. I used to do this because UED will often produce holes in the map design (as seen in the UT map Eternal Cave up near the holes in the top of the red cave (use the fly cheat to go up there and look around). It also has the nasty habit of spontaneously crashing.
Now I keep multiple versions of a map with different lighting situations applied. The first situation is an unlit map (I don't even compile the lighting), the second is one that is lit the way I want it to with the exception of Fake Backdrop or Bright Corners tags enabled on pertinant surfaces. It seems that these two tags cause my lighting effect more often than without those tags.

I am absolutely sure that I wasn't making non-planars. If I am doing fancy vertex editing I make sure that I am dealing only with triangles which cannot be non-planar (it takes at least three points to draw a plane, any additional points must fall on the same plane, or become non-planar. Think about it).

I'll try altering abient lighting and stuff, until now I have only been messing with BSP and such.

11th Feb 2002, 12:35 PM
Yesterday I ran across that problem again and I tried altering the ambient light and lo and behold, it worked! Although it isn't 100% effective, it certainly is a big improvement over funky ugly lighting. Thanks a bunch!

Call me Erdrik
11th Feb 2002, 04:06 PM
for future reference:

Ive noticed that if you move a vertex of an object it redoes the texture ailgnments, ect. so if something goes wrong move a vertex a little to unalign the textuers, ect then re-align, ect....

25th Feb 2002, 10:07 AM
To clarify that, you would have to move a vertex, compile lighting, then move the vertex back. If you didn't do that I don't think there would be a change.

Does anyone know if there is a way of making textures in OpenGL look a little less washed out? I normally play in OpenGL because I like the S3 compressed textures, but under certain circumstances the game looks like somebody got carried away with the bleach and made all the cool textures look dead.
If there isn't a way to fix this, I will have to switch back to Direct3D and miss out on the S3 textures. *sniff* :(