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21st Jan 2002, 11:42 PM
After doing some pretty heavy troubleshooting on my PC, i now have 4 options in my dual-boot. They all say Windows 2000 Professional, yep, all four of 'em. I only have two win2k's installed. both are to be wiped out so i can install winME (then maybe win2k again). but why do i have more options than i should have┐

i used to only dual-boot winxp and win2k, but things have changed since then. how do i get rid of the non-working ones in the list.

23rd Jan 2002, 01:38 PM
this doesn't answer your question but I've been very unhappy with windows me. i don't know why anyone would want it except that it seems to come on a lot of machines standard.

25th Jan 2002, 08:52 PM
most likely due to aborted installs.. or if something went wacky during an install... did you stop any installs??

the besthing to do is.. just do a complete reformat and then install the ME (ugh!) and then the 2K..

25th Jan 2002, 10:53 PM
/me thinks pretty much the same way. Prolly leftovers of aborted installs.

When I installed WinNT for the first time, I did it 6 times in a row. And that one is supposed to be an easy one.

Compared to installation of Digital Unix (V4D). That thing asks only if You want to make a "custom" or "standard" installation. On "custom" You can choose the optional packs installed; on std that is not possible. The You press OK and way You go. Ok, You have to fill in IP addresses and stuff but that is rather easy and I've NEVER messed with those.

Best bet for You is to install it until it goes in "straight line". Also, deviate from default settings only if You really know they don't work. The dual boot thing should go in automagically.

26th Jan 2002, 01:45 AM
acutally i found the boot.ini file. it was located in the Partition Magic pro7 directory. someone over at buf showed my how to edit it. i was acutally going to reformat both HDDs and do fresh winME and win2k installs afterwards.

all those options aren't from aborted installs. they are from other partitions that don't have an OS installed on them anymore, and the boot.ini file (that tells windows what OS's are installed) on the othere partitions still has the data in it from when there used to be an OS there.

thanks for the replies