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19th Jan 2002, 04:10 AM

this is ictus a mapper, and i have news that is completely unimportant to everyone, so don't read it

today I was told that my very first map (yes, my first) 3-liftsdown was being played on a server, and that sent me a'rollin' around the room laughin'.

it inspired me to let the cat out of the bag once and for all just to see people say something like "i had a subconcious feeling that ictus made this map, i am psychic"

here is the NC review, which I also wrote

but then just a minute ago, i find out that stupid plat has already told the secret, but at least he didn't say who! actually we conspired together to see if anybody could guess who made the map... but sadly nobody did, maybe the hints were not good enough...

the review said "schleet" and i was the only person who said that, and the people who commented the review knew it

i made a comment about alphabetical order in my user review. i made a practice of saying time and time again that i released my maps in alphabetical order in the NC IRC channel, just to make sure people might pick up on it.

plat said in a comment
" mmm... 1on1 map pack"

i guess that's pretty thin, and nobody cared enough to give it a second thought... but now everyone here goes', hey what the hell, ictus just shows up one day for no other purpose than to claim some peice of ****? yup

19th Jan 2002, 08:37 AM
lol, thats such a long time ago, you're slow :)

19th Jan 2002, 11:40 AM
Crying in the bucket! Where have you been? Not you, Hourences, the cool guy.

21st Jan 2002, 06:37 AM

12th Feb 2002, 02:23 PM
You wrote that review? That review that Platinum had submitted? Why didn't you review it yourself? :cool:

By the way, I didn't actually see that map yet, but I probably might do so.