View Full Version : Gigger WARNING!!!

15th Jan 2002, 02:10 PM
I have gotten this 2 or 3 times already.. BEWARE

What's more annoying than receiving a virus through email? I would say it's receiving a virus through email that'll wipe out your C:/ drive the next time you reboot your computer. This is scary, but true, for folks who have been hit with Gigger.

Gigger is the latest JavaScript exploit that's hit the Internet, and you would be wise to avoid it at all costs. Watch out for any email with the subject: "Outlook Express Update." I have not seen one in my Inbox yet, but SARC is informing people that it has an "Mmsn_offline.htm" attachment.

When opened, Gigger will infect HTML files on your hard drive and add a very destructive line to your Autoexec.bat file that will invoke a format of your primary hard drive. It will also mail itself to everyone in your Outlook address book, worm its way into mIRC scripts (if mIRC, a popular IRC client, is installed), and add code to your system registry that will "help" delete files from your hard drive.

Watch out!

Removal instructions

To remove Gigger, delete all files that are detected as JS.Gigger.A@mm, remove the line that the worm added to the Autoexec.bat file, and remove the keys and value that the worm added to the registry. For full details, visit SARC.