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12th Jan 2002, 05:44 PM
I downloaded the UnrealEd Reference from OSX not so long ago, and it is a nicely done "Compiled HTML Help File" and I believe it used Tomasz 'Millennium' Jachimczak's tutorials located on http://www.planetunreal.com/unrealed/

Here's the rub. I want to take ALL the tutorials I have found and compile them into one massive HTML Help File. I mean everything from 3dsmax conversion tutorials to skinning tutorials. I have probably a gig or more of HD space filled up with tut sites that I have dl'ed and saved as 'html complete' folders on damn near every subject and subtopic of UED. (I tend to do this since sites disappear and with them the knowledge they provided... hence my neurotic safegard)

Of course the authors and their origional website will be maintained to assure that no plegerism or copyright infringement occurs. I will be taking no credit for any of this myself (as I have writen no tutorials) with the exception of taking credit for compiling this huge knowledge base.

I have designed many many websites and as I said, have most of these tutorials dl'ed already.

All I need now is someone who can tell me how to do a "compiled HTML help file" and it's executable and how to incorporate the search function that will be crutial on a knowledge base this large.

Please help me out. I am hoping that all this can be done in Frontpage but if another proggy is necessary, I'll get it.

Contact me here or on icq #84369865 or bstrange@hmcltd.net


12th Jan 2002, 07:06 PM
Back in unreal, something like that was done with coding, but the guy didnt get any permission. I would doubt anyone would complain if you say where you got the info from, for a tutorial is public, but best to try and contact the people.

best of luck

18th Jan 2002, 05:32 PM
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