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  1. WANTED Mapper for rl mod
  2. Anime mod (not just an idea, construction already underway)
  3. Synigen
  4. Strike Force Coder wanted
  5. Moddler for GE UT?
  6. New Project. Team Needed.
  7. I Am Available Free Any Mod Interested??
  8. Agent X revival
  9. REMOVING unwanted Mods and Mutes
  10. A TC in development.
  11. Coder please
  12. Famas
  13. Unreal Badlands
  14. WHERE do you PUT the FILES!?
  15. Where To put Files- More Elaborated
  16. To all coders
  17. Animator/Skinners Needed
  18. Any Coders
  19. Shadowrun TC Mod In Need Of Assistance!
  20. Shadowrun TC Mod In Need Of Sound Artists!
  21. dummy with a sig
  22. Modelers Needed
  23. Mission Paintball Mod Needs Coders
  24. PaintBall Gun Models
  25. Modeler, Skinner and Animator wanted for WWII UT MOD....
  26. Mod Seeking mappers, modellors
  27. Coder wanted. (Paid even!)
  28. Need someone who can compile C++ for a Mac
  29. Wanted: All the following
  30. Huge project will help everyone...please look and see if you can help
  31. WWII UT , needs Mappers, and skinners
  32. Jungle Warfare Mod Recruiting
  33. Wanted: Dead or Alive!
  34. Team Members wanted for new site
  35. Help needed. project: TA:U2
  36. help needed... looking for DEV team!
  37. Ninja Mod: Fuk Yu
  38. AD&D-type RPG Mod/Gametype Conversion help...
  39. New gamesite need help
  40. Heavy Gear Forever
  41. Fallout2 mod, and a great lacking of a coder
  42. The third reich coders req
  43. New MOD needs coders.
  44. UDT needs Coders
  45. Want to recruit for your Mod? Read this first!
  46. Sierra sponsored TC MOD looking for scripters/coders
  47. Paintballer Modelers
  48. Defence Alliance 2 : Looking for coders
  49. Zero G needs coder and modeller!
  50. Up For Grabs!
  51. needing help on a new game type
  52. [LawDogs] We're Looking for You!
  53. Skinners, Animators, and Mappers Needed!!
  54. Red Orchestra Looking for Talented Mappers and Skinners
  55. Heavy Gear Forever
  56. COMBAT 3000 - Needs a coder and a weapon modeller!
  57. Resident Evil mod - Biohazard 2k3/2k4 project started
  58. Medieval/Fantasy mod
  59. Frag.Ops for UT2k3/4: Nearing completion, and desperate for mappers
  60. Weapon Moddeler/Animator/Skiner wanted for UTRPG mod
  61. UnrealToons (TC Mod)
  62. Mapper needed for Remote Strike
  63. Project With Atari Building Dev Team
  64. A Kung Fu Total Conversion I Am Trying To Sell
  65. Doing some pimping for a friend - Altered State needs coders, among other things
  66. Mayday needs a WEBMASTER/PR Guy
  67. Zombie hunter
  68. Need Level Designers, Scripters & 3D Artists
  69. Arcane Mnemonics
  70. Path to Victory Looking for Talented People
  71. Parasytic Moon UT2K3 Mod Webpage Update
  72. UMS-Skinner needed
  73. UT2K3:[NSF] Reign of Militias
  74. UT2003 TC Recruit: Forsaken Time
  75. Crew recruitment! - Obliberation For Power
  76. looking for unreal 2 or ut 2003 mod makers.
  77. Heavy Gear Forever
  78. Looking For People To Join A Mod Team
  79. mapping project
  80. Confidential Mapping Project
  81. TTR on UT200x: Now Recruiting Talent
  82. Hive Mind studios looking for Experienced team members
  83. Zero G desperatley needs a coder ot begin work.
  84. Unreal Annihilation looking for mappers/animators/texture artists
  85. Willing to do a small modelling job?
  86. i think this could work.. if it aint already made!
  87. Simulating lag in Instant Action
  88. ut2003 farm wars
  89. Undying Curse - we still need a texture artist.
  90. Help Wanted - Developed UT2003 TC
  91. Action UT2K3 needs a model animator
  92. Clanbase asks for your help!
  93. Global Warzone is searching for Level Designers
  94. AI coder needed to help us out with a little AI bug
  95. Unreal Fantasy - an RPG TC
  96. Free mod forum hosting
  97. Majestic 12 - Infos + Jobs Openings!
  98. Atlantis : looking for a GUI coder
  99. Looking for 3D modelers for an UT2003 mod
  100. Descent of Darkness - Looking for a team
  101. Ultima Unreal (UT-Singleplayer TC) needs someone to finish AI/Playermodel!
  102. Half Cocked needs a modeller
  103. I need workers
  104. coil is looking for modelers for UT2k3 Golf Mod
  105. Anime-Shogo mod
  106. Zombie Hunter needs a skinner and a mapper
  107. Need Help - Path to Victory
  108. Angels of the Battlefield UT2k3 Mod
  109. USkaarj RTS Mod Team looking to expand
  110. Recruiting For Warhammer 40k Mod
  111. Maximum Velocity Recruiting.
  112. Coder needed for the Megiddo Multiplayer Mod
  113. UT2003 Troopers: Dawn of Destiny - We're recruiting once again!
  114. New Unreal:Redemption mod needs team members!
  115. USM Team needs Help
  116. FACEOFF Mod Recruitment
  117. UnrealSpeed is looking for new members
  118. Unreal Sports
  119. Flag Domination needs mappers
  120. WW2 SAS Mod Recruiting.
  121. Red Orchestra Seeks Experienced UScript Coder!
  122. Unreal Annihilation looking for coders!
  123. Off Topic Productions Seeking UScript Coder
  124. The Caster-Mod looks for help!
  125. [DaTs]Clan looking for new Clan Weapon!
  126. Chrono Tirgger Project: We need YOU!
  127. Napoleonic Historian Required
  128. UT99 Enhancement Patch, Need A Modder, $ May Be Involved
  129. Ghost in the Machine seeks voice actors.
  130. Futuristic sports mod
  131. Riftwar - Just need beta testers.
  132. Respect Warfare Mod recruitment
  133. Death Run is looking for additional members
  134. Objective Point Seeks Skinners, Animators
  135. UT2k4 WW2 realism mod looking for reinforcements...
  136. UnrealMUD - High-Concept and Recruitment
  137. StuffSwapper 2k3
  138. All Out Fairy Tale - Starting Mod looking for Help
  139. Episodic Machinima project seeks Modellers
  140. We are recruiting
  141. Coder needed
  142. Elemental Conflict needs your help!
  143. Echoes of Glory needs help
  144. A New TC: Star Wars
  145. Airfight 2000: Recruitment
  146. Strike Force 2003 - Help Wanted (coder & Map)
  147. Flipside Software : Project Enigma
  148. Global Warzone: Recruitment
  149. Esc - 3D chat, music and dancing
  150. Coder wanted! for mod Zen'Sen
  151. Alpha Centaurus: Blue Neptune
  152. Basic models needed
  153. Neotokyo needs awesome mapper(s)
  154. MiniSpy - New UT2003 Mod - Artists Needed
  155. Marathon:Awake : Recruiting
  156. CogWorks - Web Developer needed
  157. (Modeler Needed) Fallout Invasion Pack!
  158. Any coders out there?
  159. Starsiege:2845 MOD looking for coders
  160. Positions open on TTR 2004
  161. Tactical Strike TC: Coder Needed
  162. Programmer needed
  163. Mod to enable cash prizes.
  164. Psi Weapon Dreams 2 for UT2k3
  165. ChaosUT2 Seeks Help With Player Animations
  166. Band of Brothers: TC Recruiting
  167. Not really a mod, but I do need testers
  168. New project.... who want?
  169. Zombie Hunter
  170. The Third Reich UT2004 Update
  171. For Better Narrative and Fictional Ideas
  172. [Deathball] recruiting coders
  173. Citizen-132 mod recruitment
  174. Voice Pack Woes
  175. Little shinymetal VTM
  176. [ut2k3] Metroid DeathMatch MOD
  177. Wyndrax: Wizards and Sorcerers mod.
  178. Experienced Mapper needed for Quad CTF Mod
  179. Black Widow needs you!
  180. New Mod artist needed
  181. ZenSen Team needs your Help !!!
  182. Unreal 2 Single Player
  183. [UT]Need recruits for new gametype.
  184. Coder Needed for Game Set for Retail
  185. Rising Sun is looking!
  186. Animator / Modeler wanted 4 Napoleonic UT2K3 Mod
  187. Mvpb * Rebuilding Team
  188. Wipeout Style mod idea.
  189. Crimson Strife - Seeking members and Modding community growth.
  190. Eden Eclipse: TC mod
  191. [Mod] UT40k Mod in progress, looking for an extra hand...
  192. Payed Modeling Position
  193. Classic Sci-fi SP Mod
  194. UT2003: Lead Coder, Moddellers & Mappers needed.
  195. Mod Ideas
  196. [U2XMPMOD]Stargate
  197. MSU Phase3 closes Aril30 right?
  198. Coders wanted!
  199. UT1 Enhancement Mod
  200. Path to Victory looking for Mappers and UVW Mappers
  201. Looking for sound guy for RL mod.
  202. Looking for coder (and others)
  203. MiniSpy - Audio Designer Needed
  204. Momentum Control recruting
  205. Programmers needed...
  206. [Merged Threads] U2 Mod/Add-on HELP requested
  207. GlobalWarzone searches Members.
  208. Unreal Goldeneye
  209. Unreal2004: When Unreal met PlanetSide!
  210. Siege2k3 - Intense Tests required
  211. Webdesigner needed for Rainbow six mutator
  212. The next generation of Infiltration needs YOU!
  213. University research project seeks models for demo
  214. Vacancies on The Third Reich team
  215. Gearbos Software hiring Level Designers and 3D Modelers
  216. Timeless, Real gods battle
  217. Troopers : Dawn of Destiny is looking for a character animator who can rig
  218. technical assistance needed with Master's project
  219. Project: Monster Hunt
  220. Unreal Demolition in need of a Skinner and Coder
  221. AlphaCoop - Cooperative mod beta version released - looking for mappers
  222. Weapons of Evil needs character modellers!
  223. Project Needs a 3d modelor...
  224. Looking For Some mapper
  225. ARKAOS : a singleplayer Total conversion for Unreal 2 needs help !
  226. brand new mod for ut2k4 looking for everyone
  227. ONS Crew .... Crew needed :p
  228. Marathon: Resurrection Needs Mappers
  229. Forming Group For **Alien vs Predator** MOD
  230. DIABLO 2 Mod in the making!
  231. 17th Parallel
  232. Rebellion Mod - Looking for prospective members
  233. Communist Aggression MOD (Recruitment)
  234. Modern Vehicle Warfare MOD: Airfight 4.0 Details
  235. Jupiter Project - Single Player Mod for UT2004
  236. A Great Idea: Thinking about working on
  237. [UT2004] Forsaken Time
  238. UT2k3 mod, MVPB, looking for coder.
  239. Oldschool Voices
  240. Operation Wasteland
  241. Terra Libera - New Mod needs help!
  242. Asterix Mod for UT - looking for Artists and Coders!
  243. Level Architect, Character Modeler, Sound Engineer? Earth needs your help!
  244. Guerilla Warfare Type Mod
  245. mappers needed
  246. Reign of Militias Needs a skinner!!!
  247. Vacancies on The Third Reich team
  248. need help with jetpack v1.1
  249. AfterMath TC MOD ~ Need Team
  250. Psi Weapon Dreams 2 for UT2k4 needs a coder!