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  1. Rebellion Mod Looking for Experienced Coder
  2. Corona Leonis Entertainment Inc. - Mapper
  3. Unreal Tournament: Domination
  4. Napoleonic UT2k4 mod recruiting
  5. Have an idea for a mutator/mod
  6. UTR looking for anyone!
  7. Reckon you have L337 mapping skills?
  8. Flipside looking for some new blood
  9. Dark Future (Mod Idea)
  10. Blackwidow MOD for UT2003 recruiting
  11. Global Domination (just need some input!)
  12. NEW MOD!! Blue Moon Rising
  13. Looking for webspace?
  14. Possible Animator + texture artist here
  15. BloodPit mod needs mappers
  16. Programmer needed, UT2004 Mini Mod
  17. Planning a Mod - where's place-to-be?
  18. Unique UT2004 Mod Development [recruiting] Starting in June
  19. Project: Disney World Epcot Mod - Need experienced Modders
  20. Flag Domination needs mappers
  21. usm needs a coder
  22. Terra Libera needs you!
  23. Streets of crime
  24. Armoured Assault
  25. GoldenEye Mod 2004
  26. Mirror, mirror on the wall... who is the fairest of them all?
  27. looking for a skiner to texture this model please(and more?)
  28. Unreal Script Programmers Wanted - Paying Position
  29. Silent Zone (Metal Gear Fans) Looken for a coder
  30. Assassin Modeller
  31. CXP project needs help.
  32. UScript/Mod Group Learning
  33. UT2004 Medieval Mod. Hoping to find team members.
  34. Team Tripwire Recruiting
  35. What if Meteors Prevail - A Unreal2k4 TC by 12" Productions
  36. New mod! Assistance needed!
  37. RenegadeGods is recruiting for Eden Eclipse
  38. Defense Force Omega looking for 2D Concept Artist
  39. Duel (1 on 1 only, Golden Eye style)
  40. A new dbz mod... [looking for experienced ppl]
  41. CrateDM - Coder Wanted
  42. [REIGN OF MILITIAS] 8 screenshots! *recruiting*
  43. Unreal Demolition needs Coders and Skinners
  44. Call To Arms/Pixel Toaster Studios: Looking for Animator
  45. TNM Seeks Mappers [A Deus Ex Modification]
  46. An Army UT2k4 Mod!
  47. Red Orchestra Mod is Recruiting
  48. Cloning Facility
  50. UnrealKart seeks a vehicle modeler
  51. Captur unreal: a class based mod for UT2k4
  52. Nali cow mod - Seeking Coders and Mappers
  53. Kill Team - an idea
  54. Project Torlan Recruiting
  55. Modellers and mappers wanted for single player FPS
  56. Recruiting Coder - Small Paying UT2K4 Contract
  57. Sovereignty, a freeform strategy Mod
  58. Unreal Firepower 2004 Mutator
  59. Forsaken Time TC seeking crew members
  60. How long before some innovation/inspiration?
  61. Action/Adventure Mode Seeking Programmers
  62. All coders, skinners, modellers, anyone interested in helping make a better mod.
  63. BattleTech mod for UT2K4
  64. Need a fiction writer, 2d digital artist?
  65. UnrealKart looking for team members
  66. Interested in making a few futuristic vehicle models?
  67. Atomic Mayhem Mod Is Looking For Help
  68. Looking for team members for Post Fallout
  69. 2D/texture artist looking for work
  70. Looking for experienced Mapper!
  71. Unreal XRT looking for Programmers
  72. Coder Available
  73. Quality skinner needed for dinosaurs
  74. Maxed Out in search for skilled members.
  75. mappers in the house ?
  76. New Mod/Weapon Idea!
  77. want to create a strategy mod....
  78. Troopers mod Looking for Mappers
  79. Skraaj VS Predator mod recruiting
  80. need members for annihilationarsenal mod
  81. Post Fallout looking for webmaster & Modeler
  82. need help!!!
  83. Sonic Unreal
  84. Skaarj VS Predator MOD Needs Coders & Scripters
  85. perfect mod idea!!!
  86. Sci-Fi Mod looking for Sketch Artists
  87. DHG crew recruiting for map/model/skin pack
  88. Eon is looking for programmers
  89. Timesplitters mod
  90. Riegn of Militias: Sci-fi, RPG, FPS
  91. Wanderlust Project: UT2k4 Online RPG
  92. BlackShadow Studios recruiting for current project "BlackShadows: Cold War"
  93. Crisis Point Modification Recruiting
  94. Welcome To The 70's Mod NEEDS U
  95. Mod ideas
  96. Global Resistance (UT2K4 Total Conversion)
  97. Battletech: Timelines Recruiting
  98. Unreal Fighters
  99. Can anyone make this? (weapon names mutator)
  100. EoG Civil War Mod seeking Coder
  101. Needed Volunteer for DUEL gametype coding (for UT, the first)
  102. modelling - art project
  103. Chaos Dawn Recruitment
  104. Cxp needs help.
  105. Team Chronos Expansion
  106. Unreal Annihilation needs a skinner and coder
  107. Post Mortem UT2004 mod - need a programmer
  108. HW2k4 mod looking for people
  109. Rc Racing looking for help
  110. UT2k4 Off World looking for talented individuals
  111. Moonlit Studios Now Recruiting For Latest MOD
  112. Projectile studios Great job....
  113. n00b needs help making a mod
  114. project "hate" looking for team members
  115. Bomber Mod
  116. Old Skool FPS is Looking for a mapper
  117. Single player mod concept
  118. Paying MOD looking for crew members...
  119. yu-yu hakusho mod
  120. Wanted, sount artist to make gunfire sounds.
  121. UNREALMODS.COM -- Umod community site
  123. Kill Team - Co-op marine/alien mod
  124. Any1 intrested in making a small map?
  125. Wizards mod. Looking for animators and UI artists
  126. new odd weapon set
  127. Looking for Mappers, 3d Modellers, Concept Artists
  128. Motorball 2k4 Mod Wants You!
  129. NBC BP
  130. beta testers needed
  131. PlanetWar[ut2004 mod] update!
  132. Looking for texture artist for MOD in development...
  133. Mapper with Large Landscape/Cityscape/Base Experience Needed
  134. Rival Playas Recruiting
  135. Help Wanted - ChaosUT2
  136. Modified link gun
  137. Looking for coder / graphic artist / mapper / modeler
  138. Anyone wanna get skyboxes?
  139. Echoes of Glory seeking mappers
  140. All Out Fairy Tale!!
  141. Star Trek UT: TC, Help needed!
  142. looking for the unique
  143. Interesting new idea.
  144. The NEXT Generation
  145. Starsiege:2845 project looking for lead level designer
  146. REIGN OF MILITIAS [map shots]
  147. Battletech: Timelines looking for Coders and Animators
  148. Unreal Demolition looking for talented modders.
  149. URE2k4 recruitment
  150. Mod.K5 Needs Designers/Programmers
  151. -3rd- Recon AASF Mod
  152. MVPB: Maximum Velocity Paintball, Looking for Animator
  153. UCMP help wanted: mappers, modelers, coders...
  154. The Everseason. Mapper needed.
  155. Combined Arms
  156. High profile TC MOD looking for coders/scripters
  157. $$ Will pay for sniper mod
  158. modellers, animators, leveldesigners and skinners needed!
  159. mod idea
  161. Slaughter mod looking for mappers
  162. Ba
  163. Strife: A Source TC
  164. SP2D -- UT99 single player mod in 2D
  166. Members needed for UT2004 Single-Player Mod
  167. American Mcgee's Alice Mod.
  168. Nemesis Reborn!!!
  169. Interceptor Shield "Missile Attack mod Idea"
  170. Rival Playas Recruiting
  171. Robotech Mod for UT2004??
  172. Advice and help needed for new mapping project
  173. Chaos Engine:: 2D Artist required
  175. ChatBox
  176. [UT99 MOD SuperZombies GameType]Recuitment
  177. Rc Racing Mod Looking For Members(screenshots inside)
  178. Just an idea: Royal Rumble
  179. Weapon Sound Designer sought for y.a.r.m
  180. Unreal Annihilation needs you!
  181. Chaos Engine
  182. UT99 Mutator Test help >Remade Redeemer
  183. how do i begin making a TC mod for ut2004
  184. Another UT2004 TC Mod - Looking for coders, anybody interested? [Please read]
  185. Fragment a single player mod looking for artists and mappers
  186. Job opportunity for Modders in India
  187. UnrealScript coder required - Good pay!
  188. Infiltration Open Positions
  189. Postal 2 Mod-Eternal Damnation
  190. looking for interest in making a new single player/coop mod
  191. Air Buccs user request
  192. New mod-to-be
  193. New mod, unnamed, recruiting
  194. New Mod "Requiem"
  195. Real Simple Mod Request - Snowboards!
  196. Red Alert 2: Armageddon needs members; also have links to several renders!
  197. Birthstar: Frontline, Proof of Concept: Help Wanted...
  198. Nightclub mod for UT2004
  199. Bio Rifle Goo Life
  200. A new breed of humans
  201. Killing Floor wants you!
  202. Unreal Reloaded
  203. MAJESTIC 12 a Total ut2k4 Conversion
  204. How do I make games?
  205. MAJESTIC 12 a Total ut2k4 Conversion...
  206. MegaManUT Recruitment
  207. headshot bonus v120 ut99
  208. UTCC
  209. Echoes of Glory Recruiting
  210. What about a Casters Mutator
  211. [ROM] |rpg.cyberpunk| - ingame shots
  212. Unreal-Tournament Role-Play.
  214. Members needed for UT2004 Single-Player Mod
  215. UT2k4:Tribes mod
  216. UTXMP- MCP Mutator Recruitment.
  217. Troopers: Dawn of Destiny - Revival
  218. RPG mod recruiting
  219. RO (Prokhorovka ) - Panzer Warfare development team.
  220. coder maper and skinner needed
  221. Want to bring back a Dark Magic Mod
  222. Broken Nexus : Modellers.
  223. Just wondering if any modders are in Oregon?
  224. Modeller lookin for ue3 project
  225. SkinPack req.: Join Team Snake Eyes
  226. UT99 total conversion?
  227. Composer Available
  228. My Matinee cinematics for the HaloUT project
  229. Help with SC:CT
  230. Not a recruitment, more of a suggestion!
  231. Noob needs a mod for player name
  232. who wants to help make an amature map pack?
  233. Exp. Mapper want's to help in Mods
  234. Bulldog mod seeking team
  235. Deus Ex: 2027 seeking for animators!
  236. Mutator Idea
  237. mutator/gametype idea, 'Revenge of the bouncing heads'
  238. RE-Actor Subsystem
  239. Making a gangster mod still need a scripter !!
  240. Carball Mod for UT2k4 in need of a Coder
  241. Looking for an Unreal Engine Programmer
  242. Apprehension: RTS/FPS Recruiting Coders, Concept, and 3D Artists.
  243. A Next-Gen Total Conversion
  244. Lookin for some hard workers.
  245. Looking for a Score on HUD Mutator for UT2004
  246. Recruiting Full Dev Team for DPM
  247. Third Contingent Mod --> Recruiting
  248. Fighting game mod
  249. Quarantine Recruiting!
  250. Rc Racing looking for mapper(s) and coder(s)