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  1. Mouse Display
  2. Different surfaces different explosions...
  3. Vehicle collision for non-vehicles?
  4. Scripted Texture alternatives
  5. [UT2004]Opening a menu from within a game on top of the main menu.
  6. LAN issues with pawn->PlayerController referencing
  7. avril not working if not in ons package??
  8. [UT2k4] Array Sizes in Configs
  9. how to preload models?
  10. UT2004 [hidden?!? weapon damage values]
  11. [UT2K4] mutator configuration
  12. DefaultPlayerClassName? and class-based teamplay
  13. Referencing Player Kills and Deaths
  14. [UT2K4]User defined GUI Styles not displaying ?
  15. Two questions on making things easier
  16. [UT2004] Release: LibHTTP version 2
  17. [UT2k4] Detect Team Change
  18. Akimbo Miniguns- Getting bullet tracers to spawn correctly
  19. [UT2k4] WEIRD Dynamic Array Question
  20. Making mutator-cofigurable integer variables
  21. [ut2k4] DefaultMapList
  22. why wont my pawn reference its controller properly?
  23. [ut2k3] pawn "bend over" and "look up"
  24. [UT] Serverside training mutator
  25. [UT2k4] AimDot / Forced Walk or crouch while firing
  26. release - super mega bull****
  27. showing windows
  28. [ut2004] Bouncing Projectiles (First Mutator)
  29. [ut2k4] Issues with LoginMenu adding a TabPanel
  30. SVehicles... wtf?
  31. Question about setting teams up with the player versus all bots
  32. [UT2K4] Replacing Adrenaline Mesh..Not drawing?
  33. [UT2K3]EndGame Function
  34. (UT99) Replacing Entry Level on the fly
  35. Writing a custom exporter for the PSK format?
  36. [UT1] Loading Game problem
  37. [UT] the unreal 1 green menu
  38. Game destroys Controller?
  39. Spawning emitters from network game- they appear only on server, why?
  40. [UT2004] making an ASVehicle kill upon explosion
  41. [UT2004] Stopping Assault Rifle from firing a nade.
  42. [UT2004] Problem changing weapons in weaponracks
  43. Okay, justa very simple, n00b modder question...
  44. me vs. the bots
  45. [UT1] Creating a window infront of the game
  46. getting players' location
  47. HELP! I messed up 2k4.
  48. Replacing Impact Effects
  49. [ut2004] getting a simple mutator to work
  50. [UT2004] Nasty Combo/Weapon situation
  51. [UT2K3] Invisible Actors???
  52. [UT2K4]Accessing variables from other classes
  53. Damage attenuation over distance with an instant hit weapon?
  54. [release] - ut2004 linkgun grapple
  55. Server Issues with Community Menu?
  56. [ut2004] what to include
  57. tutorials?
  58. [UT1] control (re)spawn
  59. More problems.. how to adjust size of an emitter from code?
  60. Altering defaultproperties of ut2004 weapons
  61. Function problem...
  62. [UT2004] Simulating a botmatch?
  63. WOTgreal 3.005 released (with UT2004 support)
  64. SpaceFighter
  65. I need guidance/help from experienced coders
  66. LoadDecoText()
  67. [2K3]PlayerController.Player == None?
  68. destroyed scriptedPawn (UT99)
  69. [UT2K4] Static Array Replication in TeamInfo Issue
  70. Need help with implementing custom animations
  71. Design Doc for Review (Suggestions?)
  72. Help with this code, lags fire online.
  73. [ut2004] basic rocketlauncher mutator
  74. Vehicle Weapon Replacement
  75. .ut2mod in 2k4
  76. [ut2004] mutator: null reference on clientside
  77. Custom SVehicle has a mind of its own.
  78. me vs. bots mutator woes
  79. UT2004 assault problems and questions
  80. UT Zark Rifle
  81. Textures won't rorate anymore
  82. Where to find info/documentation about changes in 2k4
  83. [2004] PRI replication for dummies
  84. Preventing Weapon Switching
  85. Client-side Collision
  86. Finding the closest rotation distance.
  87. UT2k4: How to intercept key bindings for my fighters?
  88. changing gravity - is it possible?
  89. UT2004Mods mailing list
  90. (UT2004) Key Binding Query
  91. Momentum Mutator
  92. whats wrong with *ALL* my object refs and how to fix it?
  93. Implementing round-based play in DM-like gametype
  94. [UT2004] Sound issue when objects Blow Up?
  95. Swapping a static mesh, player side?
  96. Spawning a Volume, Or better way to make gas nades?
  97. Collision Confusion
  98. Can't get small HUD change to work
  99. [ut2k4] sound problems
  100. lost in code migration
  101. forcing a player's mesh
  102. Custom Ut2k3/ut2k4 exe and loading screen
  103. Vehicle Replacement Mutator
  104. starting shortcut?
  105. [UT1] Access to Inventory
  106. Alternative to the Speechmenu?
  107. [UT2004]Creating a kills to death mutator
  108. [UT2004] Linking to Visual Studio 2003 .Net
  109. how to stop weapons showing up in the database and mutators showing in the mut list?
  110. Reference in custom pawn to variable in custom controller
  111. [Ut2k4]How to change the mainmenu?
  112. [UT99] Custom logo on startup
  113. capturing tga or jpg frames for movie seq?
  114. [ut2004] game won't start
  115. Postal2: no xPawn. How can I create one?
  116. [2004] extending PRI/GRI
  117. change character posture
  118. Timer() problem...
  119. [UT2k4] - Starting my own GameType via Custom Menu
  120. [UT2004]Super Berserk Combo
  121. New Commands?
  122. UT2K4 fatboy using drawscale
  123. Menu Colors in UT2k3
  124. [UT2004] A Bit of Confusion
  125. Cant spawn an xEmitter?
  126. starting ut2003.exe with a server URL?
  127. ? Low-Level 'Accessed None's
  128. How to make a spawned turrets kills count as yours?
  129. how do players in unreal 'use' items?
  130. .Int file not used in ../MyMod/System directory
  131. [ut2k3/2k4] Really need help with a replication issue
  132. need vehicle help
  133. embedding a weapons mutator
  134. [ut2k4] problems with the minigun altfire explosion effect
  135. Any1 know how to display Remaining Time on a custom HUD?
  136. Fun with Onslaught Nodes and Volumes
  137. How to fix custom ammo icon flashing wrong?
  138. SetBoneRotation changed in UT2004?
  139. Multiplayer co-op
  140. [UT2k4] Impossible Accessed Nones (??)
  141. Actor Replication Woes
  142. Custom Weapon fails to appear...
  143. Problem creating new Emitter in UnrealEd. Crash.
  144. [UT2004] Source Code?
  145. [UT] Using parts from multiple textures
  146. [UT2004] Mutator Modifying Adrenaline
  147. skin change code problem
  148. Colliding ragdolls
  149. [UT2k3]Class interaction harms my nOOb brain!!
  150. Damaging all players
  151. Setting fire rate of current weapon
  152. Momentum Questions
  153. [UT2K4] Mutator for defining new admins comands. Done!
  154. 2004 - HUD Mutator Interaction and Showing the Scoreboard
  155. Weapon fire speed
  156. [ut2k3] setting single player tick rate
  157. [UT2K4] Adding a new gametype to the list
  158. Keybinding for a sprint function
  159. [UT2004] Using the Assault's charge bar...
  160. calculate a vector pointing at some angle from the player's view?
  161. Grenade / Replication help!
  162. [UT2K3] PlayerFlying and Landed
  163. Blood splatters
  164. [UT] Script Problems
  165. what function is called when a player hits a wall?
  166. forcing the player pawn to face it's velocity?
  167. why is my xPawn subclass failing in UT2K4?
  168. [UT2004] Implementing weapon overheating
  169. urgent help required to unarm bots
  170. UT2003 MidGameMenu / InGameMenu
  171. Spawn Protection mutator
  172. Rate of fire change while moving?
  173. Avril turret lock?
  174. how to compile with the -MOD= switch in UDE (WOTgreal)?
  175. retriggerable triggers?
  176. UT2k4 Aircraft Modding
  177. Bot following custum pathnodes?
  178. First attempt at making Muts for UT2k4
  179. [ut2k4] unrealscript improvements/changes?
  180. Weapon Problems
  181. scriptedcontrollers initially frozen
  182. UT2003 Custom Bots
  183. [UT2004] GUI Configurator for Mutators
  184. how does rotating a vector by a rotator work?
  185. Getting player's animations in 1st person?
  186. Need to get rid of respawn swirl
  187. [UT2004] Odd things happening with Flak Cannon
  188. Function won't replicate to clients
  189. UT2004 Setting a bots target
  190. Falling out of the level
  191. [yet another] quick replication question
  192. Spawning object in random positions on maps
  193. Hidding pickups and pickupbases. Not working online. Code provided
  194. Placeable bots?
  195. Running Mod - Invalid CD-Key
  196. [ut2k3] Fade subaction (matinee) has disappeared in my mod
  197. [UT99] Translator Message...
  198. unreal 2 monsters in unreal tournament 2003
  199. My own Ammo problem
  200. UT2004 - Custom fonts in GUI
  201. Spawning my new pawn
  202. Setting up UDE
  203. I have a strange and weird a Question.
  204. Tag problem with new class, always setting to 'none'
  205. UT2004 - DrawActor makes view black
  206. Best way of checking if a player is moving?
  207. UT Translocator Keybind
  208. need help analyzing AI function new in UT2004
  209. giving a custom weapon to a custom bot?[ut2k4]
  210. replication problem with this code?
  211. #exec and weapon model importing
  212. Newbie asks how to use game variables
  213. Replication Trouble with my weapon
  214. Greetings, and Static Mesh Issues
  215. (ut2k3)Problems with tracing pickups...
  216. MoveTo Question
  217. [UT2004] how bright is the place I am?
  218. Finding an actor's direction relative to another's location and rotation
  219. Dynamic textures in UT2004?
  220. stop weapon fire script = truce zone
  221. Forcing a single Gametype in Ut2003
  222. ScriptedSequences and the Voice Icon.
  223. [UT2K4] Where to start?
  224. Adding a red tint to the view
  225. Altering a bot's "Default Stats" in its UPL file...
  226. Requirements for Velocity parameters to take effect...
  227. Dynamic Static Mesh Alteration
  228. how to read a config var name with spaces in it?
  229. UCC haulting on file
  230. [ut2k3]keep your weapons after you die?
  231. vengeance relic mutator starters
  232. UnCodeX version 2 released
  233. [ut2k3]AI problems...
  234. Notifying a mutator when anyone is killed..
  235. [ut2k4] Modifying a controller's FovAngle
  236. how to Esc to a custom mod menu?
  237. [UT99] Headshot Head
  238. [UT2k4] How to use dumpint and exportcache with the new modsupport?
  239. Getting Gametype to show up using Mod Interface
  240. foreach blaaah
  241. Stop bot respawn when client dropped
  242. What is compiling doing?
  243. replicating xEmitter movement
  244. Framerate and sound
  245. Confusion about the Object Pool
  246. Fun Question About Velocity/PanRate Matching
  247. Need advice , regarding xEmitters and xProcMesh
  248. Ut2k4 has a crazy class hierarchy
  249. What happen to TraceTexture function?
  250. Bouncing pawns