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Forum Upgrade to xenForo In The Coming Months

Good news everyone!

Well, good news depending on how you view it. We are planning to upgrade the forums to xenForo in the coming months ( The reasons for this are varied but there are a few things it boils down to.

First, vBulletin 3.8 (the version we are on) has almost no support for modern versions of PHP. This excludes us from all sort of security update in order to maintain backwards compatibility. vB 4 (which we also own but have never updated to) also has no support for modern PHP versions. I think it's obvious why have no real desire to stick with the product.

Second, vBulletin's reputation has gone down hill dramatically since they were bought by Internet Brands a few years ago. Many of the devs that were working on vB back with the 3 series came out are now working on xenForo. Because of their experience with vBulletin, the tools in xenForo are similar enough to vB in the right ways and there is a data importer from vB to xenForo.

Third, vB 3 and vb 4 simply don't have any modern features that make the forum more engaging like social network integrations and junk like that. There may be plugins that handle this stuff, but I'd rather be on forum software that is consistently updated by an experienced team where I don't have to worry about PHP compatibility and such in order to use it and updates are just part of the ongoing service package and not another several hundred dollars every couple of years.

Now, the reason I am posting this announcement is that I want to get feedback from the community. If anyone has experience with xenForo and wants to post some pros/cons of moving to it, please let me know. If anyone has concerns with upgrading to xenForo, now is the time to let me know. I am still open to other options for the next couple of weeks (however I will not consider Discourse so don't bother even mentioning it... ).

For the nerds, I am planning to do a full off-site backup before we upgrade to make sure we don't lose anything and import the vB data into xenForo so it is all still available. I realize this is going to be a rough change and that we might lose some search engine links for a while but I also think it is necessary to keep the site going into the future.

Please use the following thread to discuss this upcoming change.
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